India – 12004


All team members and leaders have arrived safely at The Lord’s Boot Camp. After several rainy and humid days, the weather has improved dramatically. However, last night, we had a wicked thunder storm with lots of rain. Because of the rain, the mosquitoes are in abundance.

The team is adjusting well to Boot Camp life—5:30 AM wake up, washing clothes and bathing in buckets, etc. New skills are being acquired such as block laying, drama, puppets and music.

We are bonding as a team as we share in the hard times and fun times. Nightly rallies are the highlight of our days. We look forward to the worship and hearing the Word of God.

Rachel Fertich – During Boot Camp, we attend a Personal Evangelism class. I have learned the importance of gaining evangelism skills and the responsibility of being bold in sharing my faith.

Gabe Opp – During the evening rallies, I have really felt God moving and working through the speakers. I was really challenged by Mr. Petersen’s message on boldness. I hope that God will continue to move and use me during Boot Camp and on the field.


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  1. You guys look GREAT! Keep up the good work and we here at home will keep all of you, the mission and those you share Christ with in our prayers!

    Justin, you rock friend!! Katrina

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