Ireland – 12006

Greetings from the Ireland team! We are happy to report that the team is doing very well in their training. Saturday and Sunday we had orientation classes and on Monday, we began our regular classes. In the mornings, the team runs the Obstacle Course (OC). We have four tall guys on our team which makes conquering the 12-foot wall at the end of the course a lot easier. After the OC, we have two Bible classes. The team has been learning how to share their personal testimonies with others. The remainder of the day is devoted to various construction classes, music, puppets and drama.

As leaders, we feel blessed to be working with this team. They have great attitudes and cheerful spirits. Yesterday, we had a work day and we helped construct the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Pavilion on the TMI property. The team proved to be hard workers! We have been blessed with good health on the team and fairly dry weather (until last night…).

Also, we have to say thank you to the moms and dads for training your children so well! We have already won the “Cleanliness Award” twice!

Alex Ward – Since I have been in Boot Camp, I have cried, screamed, almost fell asleep in class, and worked until I was drenched in sweat. And I’ve only been here for five days (three of those working). I have learned to be brave and to trust that God will not give me anything I cannot handle. He opened my lungs, my eyes, and my ears so that I can run, watch, and listen to everything going on here. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Toriana Davidson – Hey everyone! I am learning so much at Boot Camp! I have learned everything from block laying to how to work puppets! Along with all the work and evangelistic skills that I am learning, I am really connecting with Christ. I am really learning how to pray and just take time to spend with God. I am trying very hard to hide His Word in my heart. I feel like I will be very prepared for the mission field.




  1. Alex!!!

    So cool to see you on this team. I was on 8607 in 1986. Dalkey is the coolest little village. I know that God is going to use you and your team to do great things!

    Stand Tall and have courage!

    Uncle Kevan 😀

  2. Brenda and Larry Fast

    Greetings to Team Ireland from Vancouver, Washington. What incredible opportunities for all of you are waiting in the wings as you pull together as a team to allow the Father to use you mightily in the weeks ahead. Those memory verses will give you incredible food for thought as you lay blocks and bricks. So hang in there, know that God is at work in each of you, and that He will change you from the inside out as you allow Him to do so.

    Brenda and Larry Fast (Caleb Putnam’s Great Uncle and Aunt)

  3. Love hearing about how Christ is impacting your lives and using you to draw others to Him!

  4. Pauleta Oehlerking

    Colorado says hello Team Ireland.!!
    What a wonderful opportunity you have been given. God has great plans for your lives.

  5. It’s great to hear about how you’re being prepared for the mission field in Ireland. Love the personal commentaries. Praying for every aspect of this life-changing experience and how, in turn, it will touch the lives of others.



  7. We are praying that God does a good work in and through you. May you cling to Him not only now but throughout your lifetimes! Christ is might to save!

  8. As a former TMI participant (Philippines Work 8925) and current missionary in Ireland, I am praying for you all. May you be a blessing to the Irish people. May He give you strength and endurance as you prepare for your time here.

  9. So great to hear of your preparation for Ireland! I am reminded today of Proverbs 16:9 We can make our plans but it is God who orders our steps. Keep pressing on in preparation then lean into Christ to order your location, the people you will meet, and the possibility of change. I can hardly wait to hear of the impact you will have in Ireland!

    In Christ ~ Through Christ ~ Because of Christ

  10. Great to hear from you, Team Ireland! I love the picture. I’m so glad to read about what you have been up to since you arrived. Thanks leaders, Alex and Toriana for the update.

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