Dates: June 21-August 10, 2013 (#13013)

Boot Camp will prepare you for an unforgettable summer in Estonia! Be a part of this team to help renovate a center for disabled children in this country! You will be blessed by interacting with these

children and teaching them English.

After commissioning, your team will fly from the Orlando International Airport to Houston, Texas. A connecting flight thentakes you across central and eastern United States, the Atlantic Ocean and France before arriving in Frankfurt, Germany. From Frankfurt your flight continues across Poland and the Baltic Sea before arriving in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.


A bus will take you from the airport to your project where you will begin the work. You will enjoy sharing the Good News of Jesus with the people in the parks of the old town of Tallinn. Shopping along the cobblestone streets in the century-old town will be fun as you shop for wood carvings, t-shirts and crystal. During your free time there may be time to take a swim in the Baltic Sea. You will take a ferry across the Gulf of Finland on a day trip to Helsinki, Finland for sightseeing.

Estimated Project Expense between: $4290-4590 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Why is this one no longer listed?

  2. Hi! Am I correct to assume that we would be working with physically desabled children. Or is it mentally disabled, or both?

  3. hey! just a quick question: what will u be housed in and how will u bathe?

  4. H, I saw someone else asked this question, but got no answer so I thought I would try. Will there be any other teen mission trips other than the ones listed? I am really interested on going a trip, but want to know all my options before choosing! Thanks in advance:)

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