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Spend your summer with the Native Americans. After you complete your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will board a Teen Missions bus heading west. Enjoy the adventure of seeing America as you travel through FloridaAlabamaMississippiLouisianaTexas and New Mexico. Your final destination will be FlagstaffArizona, home of El Nathan Ministries. The team will use their work skills by landscaping the campgrounds: raking, planting trees, moving rocks and spreading wood chips. You will also have the chance to help prepare the facilities for the various Native American church and ministry groups that stay at the camp. The days will be hot and dry, but bring a warm sleeping bag for the cool nights in your tent. There will be many opportunities to share Christ with the residents of the camp and local churches using puppets, songs and testimonies. Experience the taste of the local food by sampling fry bread and Indian tacos and tamales. You may even pick up a few words of Spanish or Navajo while visiting with the people in the area. The scenery of Arizona will be amazing, especially as you enjoy God’s creation when you visit the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Souvenirs such as Native American jewelry and wood carvings may be purchased as a reminder of your memorable summer.

Project Expense: $2390 U.S.  plus $30 Registration Fee

Project Change 12/12/2012

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  1. missionsfaith2013

    hi! when does the spring packet come out? The one with all my teams info on it? I got my prayer casrds but i was informed that a nother packet came out in the spring? WE ARE IN THE PROOFING PROCESS AND HOPE TO GET IT OUT NEXT WEEK.

  2. what days are in the 24 hour window? I was just guessing that it was on June 26-june 27. If so, then what is the exact days you can leave (if you know)? Thank you for yur help. it is much appreciated. YOU CAN ARRIVE BETWEEN 10 AM ON JUNE 26 AND 10 AM ON JUNE 27. YOU MAY LEAVE BETWEEN 9 AM AND 3 PM ON AUGUST 5. ALL FROM ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL (MCO).

  3. I have one more question: does registration day start on June 26 at 10:00 a.m. and go till June 27 at 10:00 p.m.? I live in Colorado and would like to be able to purchase my flight tickets to Orlando International Airport ASAP. Thank-you. YOU CAN ARRIVE ANYTIME IN THAT 24-HOUR WINDOW TO THE ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (MCO) IF YOU ARE FLYING IN.

  4. I have a couple questions. For one, what if your DVD that you recieved in your Teen missions packet is scratched and you can’t watch it. You’re supposed to watch it a couple of times, aren’t you? Also, are you supposed to bring stamps and envelopes to Teen Missions (to thank your sponsors)? And when the General Fact Sheet says your supposed to bring two pairs of new dark blue jeans do they have to be new? One last question; I know that it is optional to buy a phone card but will you even use a phone card (to call guardian) on the AZ mission trip? Where do you buy phone cards? Please let me know ASAP so I can buy the things I need. Thank-you. PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE (321-453-0350) ON MONDAY AND WE WILL SEND YOU ANOTHER DVD. AS STATED IN THE GFS, YES, YOU ARE TO BRING STAMPS AND ENVELOPES. SINCE YOU ARE ON THE US TEAM, YOU CAN USE THEM WHEN YOU ARE IN AZ ALSO. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE “NEW”, BUT THEY CANNOT BE FADED, FRAYED, BLEACHED OR HAVE HOLES IN THEM. YOU WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO CALL HOME AFTER BOOT CAMP AND BEFORE DEBRIEF UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY. YOU CAN BUY PHONE CARDS AT WALMART, TARGET, ETC.

  5. I am a proud teen missions alumni and I went on this trip as a teen at 14 in 1996. I am excited to send my 10 year old daughter on this trip as I feel she needs the life changing experience that I had spending the summer on the reservation. it is a experience that I will never forget an want her to share the joy of bringing the gospel to the reservation. Can’t wait!

  6. teen missions is the best place to be this is going to be my second year but quick question when its your secound time or more than that you get a special star or shape on your nametag right ALANA, YOU WILL GET SOMETHING ON YOUR NAME TAG SIGNIFYING HOW MANY TEAMS YOU HAVE BEEN ON.

  7. im so excited for this year it is my second year and it was pretty fun last year last years in state team team was indiana and we called ourselves the indiana drama because we did puppets =3

  8. Wondering-we are in Oregon. Would we be able to pick up from AZ or would our niece have to travel back to FL and then fly home? It would save a huge expense for us if we could pick her up from AZ. SHAANA, SHE WOULD NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN DEBRIEF WHICH IS AT THE END OF THE SUMMER AND IS IN FLORIDA. SHE WOULD NEED ROUND-TRIP TRANSPORTATION TO/FROM FLORIDA.


  10. are there still spaces left for this paticular mission experience?

  11. Um when we signed up 12-7-12 there was a whole difrent description than what is now posted. Will they be seeing the Pow Wow, Gateway arch and Mt Rushmore still?

    • April, No, but they will see the Grand Canyon. They will be taking the southern route to AZ rather then the midwest route to MT.

  12. Steven K (not the same Steven above)

    thank you!

  13. When will the final cost be determined?

    • Steven, The costs are being determined this month. You must be at least 13 to go on a “teen” trip, 10-13 for a “Preteen” trip (cannot turn 14 before or during the program), 7-10 for Peanuts and 4-6 for Mustard Seeds.

  14. We are looking at sending our daughter on her first mission trip. What happens if our fundraising comes up short of the required trip costs? Will Teen Missions hold the funds for a future trip in another year?

    • Melanie, We can only hold the funds for a medical reason and with a doctor’s note. However, we do call everyone before final ticketing and at that point, they can switch to a lesser expensive team.

  15. What is the actual date for the Preteen Commissioning service?

  16. How much would this cost? Im kinda interested cause I want to go into missions when im older and I’m trying to find an oraniztion that I can work with as a teen.

  17. My question above got skipped.

  18. Is the trip THAT long??? June 27th-August 5th? That seems awfully long.

  19. I was wondering if their boot camp was the same amount of time as the teen boot camp, since their mission time is shorter? When would their commissioning be held?

    • Cara, Both teen Boot Camps are the same amount of time. The Preteen Boot Camp is shorter. The dates listed are all inclusive (Boot Camp, project time and Debrief). The Preteens are commissioned on the same date as the Super Boot Camp teams.

  20. This mission requires a lot on what seems like on the road traveling. Are the children buying their own food while they are on the road or is their someone to cook for them? How does that work? My daughter is in Africa right now and I was thinking this would be a good mission for her in 2013 but I wasn’t sure about the cost because if they are buying their own food it can get pretty expensive.

    • Sheena, The food is covered under the project expense. If they choose to eat out, that would be at their expense.

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