Russia Sports Teen Trip

Russia Mission Trip

Adventure awaits you on this missions trip to the world’s largest country, Russia! After Boot Camp you will head to the Orlando International Airport where you will fly to JFK International Airport in New York. From New York you fly across the Atlantic Ocean, the United Kingdom, Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea before arriving in Moscow, the capital of Russia. From there you will travel to Ekaterinburg, home of the last Czar of Russia. Your journey, from the European side of Russia to the Asian side, will take you through vast mountains and beautiful birch forests.

Russia Sports Ministry

After the hot days of Boot Camp, the cool weather of Russia will feel amazing and you will experience twenty hours of daylight.

Your summer mission trip will be spent ministering to Russian youth as you help them see God’s love and the hope found in Him. You may do sports in the local village (using soccer or volleyball) or go into town to do open-air evangelism. You will be there as the Russian national Boot Camp is happening. Training them to serve the Lord in their own country is one of the greatest ways you can impact these teens for Christ. Housing will be in dorms and bathing facilities are available.

On the way home you will spend time at the Europe/Asia Border, where you can be on two continents at once! You will then fly to Moscow for an overnight stay, where you may be able to see Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral. Shopping for the perfect souvenir such as Russian nesting dolls (matryoshka), Russian fur hats, handmade birch boxes and much more, will be one of the highlights of your trip.

TRAVEL UPDATED (11/1/2012)

Project Expense: $4590 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Brendan Calloway

    Hi, I was wondering how we will be ministering to the teens. I’ve never been to a boot camp and wonder what we will actually be doing. I’ve participated with Open Air Campaigners. I have a passport, but not a visa. Is there still space on the team? BECAUSE OF THE PROCESS WE HAVE TO GO TO GET VISAS FOR RUSSIA, THAT TEAM IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME.

  2. We would like a video that we could use to present to our church and other groups for further fund raising. I looked on the website and could not find one available to buy. Can you help? PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AND ASK FOR THE VIDEO DEPARTMENT (321-453-0350).

  3. Hi, is there still a spot available for the Russian trip and is there a schedule that I can look at to see what the trip is going to be like? And what is the Russian national Boot camp? PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE TOMORROW (321-453-0350)

  4. Hey Mrs Kostner, got an email from you about the Visa. The $270 is separate from the money I have to earn for this trip correct? and once I get everything all together do I send it to teen missions? Just wanna make sure of everything. SARAH, YES, THE VISA MONEY IS SEPARATE. I WILL BE MAILING MORE STUFF NEXT WEEK CONCERNING THE VISA. HOWEVER, I DO NEED THE INFO I ASKED FOR IN THE EMAIL.

  5. Since I cant find any of you guys on Facebook try and find me. Sarah Rex. My profile pic has me and my dog(:

  6. I just signed up for this team! Find me on facebook MorgMere McGowan.

  7. This team sounds very similar to the Cambodia team. Will we be doing the same things? And do we stay at the Russian boot camp the whole time we’re there? MORGAN, YES, IT IS SIMILAR IN THAT YOU WILL BE HELPING WITH THE NATIONAL BOOT CAMP. YOU SHOULD BE STAYING AT THE BASE FOR THE WHOLE TIME, BUT THE RUSSIAN TEENS WILL BE GOING TO THEIR PROJECT SITES.

  8. I was reading the General Fact Sheet and it wasnt very specific on the clothes we need to bring. Like how many skirts vs.pants and so on. Is there something else that is going to tell me all the specifics that I am going to need? SARAH, GO TO OUR WEBSITE AND CLICK UNDER “RESOURCES” AND THERE WILL ABE A “PACKING LIST”. IT IS FROM LAST SUMMER, SO THERE MAY BE SOME MINOR CHANGES. WE WILL SEND AN UPDATED ONE LATER IN THE SPRING.

  9. I have been doing research on Russia, and I have learned a lot about it. It is amazing how it will be summer while we are their. Awesome, no winter clothes. I dislike winter clothes a lot.


  10. Hi, Just got some of my support in for Russia. Should I send it in to the Canadian office already or wait until I have half of it?


  11. I was wondering if there are any spots left open and when exactly would you go to boot camp because I have been always wanting to do something like this, and I am still trying to convince my parents to let me go on this. Can I have a bit more information about the boot camp please? ANNIE, THERE IS STILL ROOM. HOWEVER, WE CLOSE THIS TEAM EARLY DUE TO THE VISA PROCESS. THE DATES ARE LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE AND THERE IS INFORMATION ON BOOT CAMP ON OUR WEBSITE ALSO. LOOK UNDER “MISSION TRIPS”.

  12. Hey, Hello in Russian is stresdvichya. Goodbye is Pahka. How are you is kahkdee-lah. God is bog. Jesus it lisus. Red is krasnyy. Red is chto. Water is vody. Drink is pit. Soccer is futbol. Died is umershiy. Cross is peresekat’sya.

  13. Hey, I want to go on this trip and wondered if there is girl spots still available. Thanks TAYLOR, YES, IT IS STILL OPEN.


  15. Look up john tull

  16. Hey, I’m on the team for Russia. Does any wanna talk to each other on Facebook so we can get to know each other better. So when can meet our team mates.

  17. I signed up for Russia today 😀 I’m so excited to meet all of you!!

  18. I signed up for Russia today 😀 I’m excited to meet all of you!!

  19. Hey mrs Kostner, is there any possible way I could do this from australia? and is it possible that I could raise the funds for the camp as I wouldn’t have enough to pay for it ): ?

    • Jack, We have the same program in Australia. If you want to participate in the US program, you would need to provide your own roundtrip airfare to/from Florida. We provide prayer cards and letters so that you can raise your support.

  20. Is the Tanzania trip also cancelled?

  21. How many spots are left in this trip?

  22. Is the Estonia trip cancelled? I’m having trouble finding it on the website.

  23. How many spots are left? I really want to sign up for this team! I have two
    teams I have to choose from and I don’t know which one God is calling me to 🙁

    • Mallory, There is still plenty of room on Russia. However, due to having to get a visa and the process involved, this team is closed earlier than the other teams (in the spring).

  24. Hi Mrs. Kostner! I wanted to know what if we needed passports for the trip?

    • Adam, ALL teams (except those staying in the US) will need passports. In addition, Russia will require a visa and we will send you that information in the spring.

  25. Steven K (not the same Steven above)

    thank you, can you describe what boot camp is? where do we all meet when we leave?

    • Steven, Please go to our web site and everything is explained. Look under 2013 Mission Trips and it explains what Boot Camp is about.

  26. Steven K (not the same Steven above)

    is the price above the estimated cost or the final cost?

    • Steven, I am not sure what you are asking. We “estimate” that the cost will be in the range listed. However, it can be a little higher or lower, but is usually in the range listed.

  27. Steven K (not the same Steven above)

    and also, if we do, when do we find out who else will be in our group?

  28. Steven K (not the same Steven above)

    How old do you have to be to go?

  29. R we sleeping in tents, and do we need to bring winter cloths

  30. I am really excited about going to Russia. I have been learning russian. It is a very hard language to learn. The reason I chose to go to Russia is becuase I asked the Lord to tell me or show me if I was supposed to go on the trip. He showed me two times in my dream that I was supposed to go to Russia. But their is a problem. I need to raise the money in 6 months. But I know GOD is on my side.

    God is the most important thing in my life besides family. I feel like he really wants me to go, but i havt to raise the money for me to be able to fulfill his desire.

    I have signed up and I have been reading the bible and waiting for the day I get to hop onto the plain to head of to flordia. I am from COLORADO so I am excited to do the LORD will.

    THANKS. MRS. Kostner

  31. Mrs Kostner I’m waiting to sign up to make sure I really want to go. Earlier this year I was gonna sign up for Phillipines so I want to make sure that this is really the team God wants me to go on! ( I’m pretty sure this is the one though 😉

  32. Good News i thinks its gonna happen!!!! ahhhhhh-scream of excitement- God is so good!

  33. also will laundry be done i buckets???

  34. Mrs. Kostner, how many spots are left on the team??

  35. Will you guys pray that this is something God wants for me?? 🙂 i don’t want to make a hasty decision having seen all this a few days ago but i need to know this is what God wants!

  36. When is the official deadline for registering? like even if the team isn’t already filled up?

    • Maddie, The absolute deadline is the day before Boot Camp. However, we definitely recommend you register before that! Teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and the longer you wait, the greater the chance the team will be filled or has to cancel due to a lack of registrations. At a certain point in the spring, registrations are closed for certain teams due to visas and available seats on the airlines.

  37. I am soooo excited about this team!!! I’m signing up January 1st 🙂 so excited to meet ya’ll!!!

  38. How fast are the teams filling up? Is this team still open?

  39. HI! so i was wondering are there still spots left on the team??

  40. Is being vegetarian allowed at tmi?

  41. Any group going on this trip from Colorado? Is the cost for the filght to boot camp included in the price. What do we eat. I have to be gluten free, would you be able to assist me with this?

    • Emily, We do not have anyone from CO so far. The cost of your round-trip transportation to/from Florida is NOT included. You will eat from what is provided for you. You can call our office for more information on your gluten-free diet.

  42. I am wondering if there are any spots open for this misson trip? I just found it and would really love to go!

  43. Hi, my name is Vika and I was wondering if someone could send me an email with more information about the Russia trip. Thank you!

  44. What type of team is this? Super boot camp, early boot camp, or just a normal boot camp?

    • Steven, It is a work/EV type of team. Please check the dates to know if it is Early or Super Boot Camp. Early BC teams are the earlier dates.

  45. Will we be near a village or a city to get supplies from?

  46. How many people in each dorm/hotel room?

  47. Okay :). Thank you!

  48. Mrs. Kostner,
    I was wondering how big the tents are. Because I want to bring an air mattress for bootcamp, but I don’t want to get one that’s wayyyy too big for the tent.

    • Megan, Please don’t bring one larger than a twin as it will be too big. The tents are crowded with two air mattresses and your duffels.

  49. How many people are on this trip?

  50. i don’t no

  51. Hi will the team be in krasnaya Niva at all

  52. Nice megan 😀 Mrs Kostner will we know who the leaders are?

  53. Hey,gyes!nice to see that there always will be people who want to visit my country to serve the Lord! Russian;)

  54. I really want to go on this trip. The problem is my dearest friend, Mallory, is gonna make everyone get SB’s 😉

  55. Do you know what the temperature is there? I was totally unprepared for South Africa…

  56. How long is the boot camp for this trip? I’ve only been on preteen, is it 16 days?

  57. Hey Mrs. Kostner, for the trips how long do we spend on the field?

  58. Hi, I was looking into this trip and wondering how long is this whole trip, including the Boot Camp and Debrief. And what are the dates thankyou.

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