Cambodia 6/18 12002

: Every morning at 5:37am. Location: Our tent site.

Leader: Angkor what? Team: Wat! Leader: What? Team: Wat! Leader: Count Off! And our day begins as we walk together as a team to find our spot to line up for Rapture Practice. (Flag ceremony to recognize the teams who won cleanliness, godliness, brainstorming and the Obstacle Course)

Thursday we took a break from phonics, drama and music classes and instead, we had advanced evangelism and puppets. The classes are going well. We have only four more class days until Missions Conference begins.

Friday night they announced in rally that our team won Brainstorming and came in first place in the Obstacle Course with nine people over the wall.

Saturday morning we got the chance to swim in the pool as a reward for winning Brainstorming. Saturday night, after rally, we watched the movie “Mud, Sweat & Cheers”, filmed here at the Lord’s Boot Camp in the early 80’s and shown every year since.

Sunday we had a good day on the Obstacle Course, getting 14 people over the wall! We had a class on quizzing followed by a church service. In the afternoon we enjoyed another swim in the pool (cleanliness award) and a tour of the display room featuring photos from all of the Teen Missions bases around the world. We also had our team photo taken. After dinner we participated in Run From the Devil (Larissa’s favorite) against Russia.

Elsie, Leah, Sharaya, Peter, Larissa and Victoria have all gotten to spend an hour up in the prayer tower praying for all the teams going out this summer and for the ministry of Teen Missions worldwide.

Each evening, after dinner, we enjoy team time together at our eating site. We work on memory verses, pass out the days mail, and share our thoughts from the day. Everyone is doing very well keeping up with saying one verse a day. As you look around the eating site, you would see Sharaya smiling to herself as she enjoys reading her emails from home. Larissa will be reading her mail—she is always asking if she has mail, and so far she has gotten something each day. Peter’s brother, Mark, will usually stop by to say hello and hang out for a few minutes. Curtis will be there to entertain us with his humor—he can get along with anyone, is very easy going and I’ve never heard him complain. Leah is still pretty quiet, though she has made friends with the team and even reached out to girls on other teams. Victoria and Elsie are very practical and as former team members, they keep us on schedule. They set a good example for the team and will usually begin working on a cheer for rally and we will all come together to practice it before rally.

Super Boot Camp teams begin arriving on Tuesday. We will then move our things from our Big Top into the Super Boot Camp tent for our first combined rally on Wednesday night.

Prayer Request:

1. Dre is still waiting for her passport

Elsie Anne — So far, my second summer at the Lord’s Boot Camp has been just as challenging as the first, yet in different ways. Getting up before the sun is not “normal” and I don’t worry about when I’ll get my next bucket bath. As a former team member (FTM), the Lord has been stretching my patience and my servant’s heart. I am looking forward to how we will all be made more like Jesus Christ over this summer. Blessings from Boot Camp!

Leah Hems — The few days that I have been at the Lord’s Boot Camp has been an eye-opening experience for me! I have realized that I cannot get through this summer on my own strength. I now know and realize that my strength only comes from the Lord, my Redeemer and Friend.

Thank you for all your prayers and support for our team.




  1. Hi Elsie and Leah! We are having fun watching the videos and reading the updates on you two! Hunter and Hailey think it’s so great to see all the parts of the obstacle course. I can tell that both of you are being blessed and challenged in just the ways God has for you 😉 Please know that we are praying for both of you and so excited to see how God is going to use you on your trip! By the way…I thought both of your techniques over the slough were quite graceful 😉

    Love, Aunt Jenny

  2. Lots of love and prayers to the Cambodia team! Victoria’s grandma.

  3. Ann, Did you actually see the entire team today? The Cambodia cheer was awesome (smile) and a bit unusual as they sang, “We 3 teens of Cambodia.”
    Loving together.
    Victoria’s mom,

  4. It was wonderful to see the Cambodia team today! What a blessing you are to us all and may God use you all mightily in His wisdom and power!
    Love in HIM
    Peter’s Mom,

  5. Praying for Team Cambodia. You are a living testimony. ~ Victoria’s Mom

  6. Great report – I’m praying for each of you!
    Christine’s Mom

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