South Sudan 6/18 12005

The leaders of South Sudan are Harold and Patty Arvidson. Patty was born of missionary parents in Nigeria and lived most of her first 13 years in Nigeria. Harold and Patty were missionaries in Northern Sudan from 1993 until 2002. Harold can speak the national language, Arabic. They also lived and worked in Nigeria form 2005 – 2008. Harold and Patty volunteered to lead this team because of their dear love for the Sudanese people.

The team continues to daily prepare their construction and evangelistic skills. Abram Neuman describes his experience: “Before I came to Boot Camp, I was told all sorts of horror stories about Boot Camp. Those stories were true, but they left out the best parts of Boot Camp: the great people, the opportunity to learn and the ability to focus fully on God.”

Spiritual grown towards God is the most important aspect of Boot Camp. Bekah Boettcher describes this part of her experience: “These past couple of days, I have learned that God is always with you even when it is hard. he is still holding your hand and you really can do anything with the power of God.”

The weather has been pleasant with highs in the 80’s during the day and in the 70’s at night. The team received the “Godliness Award” on Saturday for honest action of one team member. The reward, a very special one at Boot Camp, was to swim in the pool.



  1. Harold and Patty. We have been praying for Rachel’s leaders. We are so excited to hear of two people with such a rich history of missions and with such a great love for the world. Already we know this trip will change Rachel. Meeting God’s people, who have devoted themselves to God’s work is so critical in one’s teen years. We are praying for you. Watch out for Rachel. She is a stinker. -Pastor Jim and Mrs. Lori

  2. What an awesome group. You are all in my prayers as God continues to prepare you for what is ahead in South Sudan. May He bless your team with unity of heart and spirit.

  3. Harold and Patty, you both look good in that pic. I want you both to know, we’re praying for you both and your group and Carl and David. I know you’ll keep God first, rely on Jesus. I want everyone to know in this group you’re in good hands with Harold and Patty, they are God fearing parents. Harold if you can, get some sun, lol

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