Madagascar 6/18 12008

We have made it through one week and only have one more week to go. The team is getting so excited to go to Madagascar! Every night at rally, you can hear the screams of the team members counting down the days until we leave. We still have not won the “cleanliness award”. In fact, we got the lowest score (“Piggy Award”) and cheerfully cleaned the bathrooms. We did win the pool three times for the “Godliness” and “Brainstorming” awards. So, on Sunday, we spend part of the afternoon swimming in the pool. We have had some phenomenal speakers that have really captured the team members hearts. We, as leaders are so proud of our team as we watch them challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones and do what God is calling them to do.

Matthew Harwell – When I got to Boot Camp, it was raining and my tent and all my stuff was wet. I was somewhat mad and just wanted to go home where there is A/C, a bed and where is not these pesky mosquitoes! My first real day, I was wondering why we had to live like this. However, it got a lot better after a while, and I am having a great time and I love my team. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am ready to leave Boot Camp , but I am having a great time. God has opened my eyes in many ways and I am so excited He did!

Bradley – The Lord’s Boot Camp has been awesome. All the people on my team are really friendly. This is the first group I have ever really felt accepted in. The leaders are relaxed, while still getting things done. We have a lot of classes and I have learned a lot of things that will our team bring people to Jesus this summer. I cannot wait till we get back to puppet class because it is really fun!




  1. Mary Anne Endeman

    Looking good Madagascar! Almost time to leave boot camp–Yayyy! Have had fun looking at the pictures and watching the rally at night. Many prayers go with you! Amy, lots of people are praying for you and the team. We are so proud of you! Love, Mary Anne

  2. Jessica Parnell

    Oops! It is the 5:12 Slough video on page 4 of the Youtube videos.

  3. Jessica Parnell

    So excited for the team and the friendships that are developing! I can’t wait to see what God has for them in Madagascar and I am looking forward to more pictures and updates over the summer. And as one of the parents I can see that we can encourage each other as we see the pictures, watch the videos, read the updates and miss our kids! Did everyone see the team pictures in the Water OC and the Early Boot Camp Slough June 16th video? Our team crosses at about 2:20. So awesome to see and hear them encourage each other!

  4. Knowing this great team, I am very comfortable now. All kids,you are awesome. May God bless you all!

  5. Thanks, Beth.

  6. Linda…I could not see Janie in any of the pics from water OC today. Is she ok? Is anything wrong? I’m not panicked, but would appreciate you letting me know…thanks.

    • Susan, Neither the leaders nor the team members can see these posts. I will check tomorrow and if there is a problem, I will have Linda contact you. If you don’t hear, everything is OK.

  7. Go, Team Madagascar! I am so proud of you guys for stepping out in faith. God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. Stay faithful and turn to Him when it gets hard…He will never let you down. We are praying for you.

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