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The Russia team is excited to say we are in the final stretch of our Boot Camp training. We have only three more days of classes and then we will be participating in the Missions Conference. The team has been eyeing the 500-gallon milkshake and salivating about what the Alligator Pizza will taste like.

Since we last wrote, the team has been busy developing their block-laying skills and taking advanced evangelism classes to prepare them for their ministry in Russia.

This past week, we enjoyed two consecutive days in the pool for the Cleanliness Award. The team continues to work hard togetehr in an effort to win the pool through the godliness, brainstorming or cleanliness awards.

Yesterday we switched tent partners. With such a small team, I am sure everyone will have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better.

The team is looking forward to visiting with the families who will be coming for Commissioning Sunday night.

Lilly Michaels – Here at The Lord’s Boot Camp, every day is spent battling bugs, trudging around in wet jeans from falling in the Slough and tripping on roots at 5:30 AM. But when I would have moaned and complained before, now the Lord has given me the ability to smile when I get out of the slough. There is a new light on the way I see the world. A piece of fabric I would use as a dust rag would be a treasure to a 15 year old girl in Malawi or in Uganda. The blisters I have been complaining about all during Boot Camp are nothing compared to the struggles of an AIDS Orphan in Africa. So, how can I go home and see the world the same as before? I can’t now that I know the Truth. There are people out there who need these small things. Than you God for opening my eyes!

Christian Willeke – Boot Camp has been teaching me that even when I think I am right, I can be wrong. I used to think that I was right even when I was wrong. My leaders have shown me that through my SBs (Special Blessings Training). Basically, I have had a problem with people telling me what to do. Boot Camp has shown me that I need to work on that.


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  1. Great reading the testimonies of changed/challenged lives. Taking our eyes of ourselves is HUGE and it will mean a team that is ready to take on whatever the Lord has for them! Praise His Name! THAT is why Boot Camp is a wonderful place!

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