South Sudan 6/22 12005

It is Saturday on the second week of Boot Camp. In three days, the South Sudan team will depart form the Orlando International Airport for the start of the team’s trip to South Sudan.

Boot Camp has been a very striking experience for the team members as noted in their testimonies below:

Abigail Miller – Boot Camp has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life. As Boot Camp is coming to an end, I’ve realized that I am exactly in God’s will for my life and it is a great feeling. I am super excited for the field and to leave.

Grant Sutherland – Boot Camp has been quite an interesting experience. I’ll never forget this place, but I am so ready for it to be over. We have become stronger and closer as a team, and have learned a lot about building our project. We would be dreadfully unprepared for our mission if it were not for the training we have received here at Boot Camp. Personally, I cannot wait to sleep past 5:30 AM!

The early wake up time is one of many disciplines taught to team members. During the final days of Boot Camp, the team listens to missionary speakers working in Christian service such as evangelism to the homeless and ministry to children and Muslims.

Our next posting will appear after our arrival in South Sudan. Please pray for safety in our travels



  1. Got to hear his voice for a minute or 2 when they were in JFK. <3 He was so excited and ready to be there! Praying for safety and for strength to accomplish HIS will on this adventure!

  2. First flight leg (Orlando – JFK) is enroute. Godspeed to all…

  3. Praying! We are excited for the team! Can’t wait to hear all about what God does in Southern Sudan!!

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