Malawi Guitar 6/22 12006

Through trail and triumph, the Lord is molding the Malawi Guitar teens from individuals into a team. Nothing major has changed since our last update. We have completed our Boot Camp training and are now in the Missions Conference. We are all trying to finish strong.

The team is very excited about Commissioning. We have all enjoyed our classes during Boot Camp, especially our guitar classes. It is exciting to know that the whole team can now play “Grace Like Rain”. Yes, even the ones who could not play guitar when they arrived!

Shaanthi Nair – Boot Camp has been such a challenging experience, but has been invaluable! I am very excited about Commissioning and getting our project started.

Tiffany Dyck – I have had a good time training at the Lord’s Boot Cam, but I am very excited to be moving on to start our project.


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  1. Jennifer Saylor

    Yes, moving on is the next direction. This is it Malawi, the beginning starts tomorrow night at Commissioning. Listen to what the Lord has to tell you in THAT sermon because that will be a lot of your “spiritual food” for the next month. Those words will be for you from God.

    Praise God that you are all learning and that you seem ready to “go and make disciples.” Stay strong knowing that there are so many praying for you and that God hears our prayers.

    We love you Malawi,

    Talan’s Mom and Delilah!!!

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