Russia Sports 6/22 12010

The Russia team is finishing up our last day of training and already looking ahead to our travel to Russia. We have really come together as a team. It is exciting to see team members stopping to wait for a struggling team member and encouraging one another.

Tonight, during Rally, the team won the “Godliness Award” for something they didn’t even think twice about. Last night, the team went out and helped a Super Boot Camp team set up their tent site. From a leader’s perspective, it is great to see these kids display selflessness.

I think, for most of the team, the evening Rallies are the high points of their day. The team loves doing cheers—oftentimes with multiple verses. They also enjoy using our leader, Jeremy’s strong lungs to carry us through.

We are looking forward to seeing the few family members who will be able to make it to the Commissioning service. The rest of you can watch online



  1. HAHA thats my nefuew on the left, boys all grown up! LOve you so much,


    uncle Valentin

    went on ukriane with tmi when i was 14, loved it! Love serving God.


  2. Do all teams get the awesome matching shirts? 🙂

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