Cambodia 12002

Commissioning on June 24 went well. Victoria’s family was there and Pete’s mom came for the service. After Commissioning, we spent the night at Christine’s house, got showers and slept in before packing up the trailer and heading out to Peter’s beach house in Melbourne for supper and then off to the airport to begin our journey.June 26—In Los Angeles for 14-hour layover. They allowed us to check in extra early so we were free to roam around by noon. Went to In-n-Out Burger at the end of the runway and spent the afternoon lying in the grass napping and watching planes land. Leah and Elsie’s mom came to visit for a few hours. The team is excited to fly to Hong Kong and on to Cambodia. Dre was unable to fly with us because she did not receive her passport in time. Please pray that she can get it quickly.

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