Russia Arrival 12010

The Russia Sports team arrived safe and sound at the base here in Krasnaya Niva, Russia, around 10am today Wednesday, June 27th.  It may be the jet lag talking but none of us can believe that it was just a few short days ago that we commissioned and left Boot Camp!  We were all sad to have to leave one of our team members and accompanying head female leader behind (due to not having the necessary visa) when we boarded the plan for Russia @ 8pm Monday in Orlando.  But we were very excited to hear that our missing team member (Amanda) got her visa finilized on the same day that we left and will have it in hand to travel by Wednesday (today)!Our first flight took us from Orlando, FL, to Frankfurt, Germany where we took advantage of an eight hour lay-over and hopped onto a train to travel into the city proper.  While we only had a few brief hours in Frankfurt, we were able to sample some authentic German food (Vienner Snitzle (sp?), Braughtworst (sp?), and various pastries were the choices of the day) and visit a very large cathedral named in honor of the great reformer, Martin Luther.  Amongst the brightly lit stained glass windows of the church, the team was moved to prayer and spent a very special time interceeding and praying for the German people who so desperately need the Lord.  After a quick return trip to the airport, we boarded a plane for the final four hour flight to Katrinburg, Russia.  Customs were a bit harry as they wanted to closely examine ALL of the literature we brought to use @ the Teen Missions Boot Camp we will be helping run here in Russia. But after tearing apart several of our bags the custom officials suddely told us to grab all our bags and head into the country…. which is exactly what we did!  Thank you Lord for getting us into country with no fees and only a minor delay!

Upon getting into country, we were warmly greeted by Martina, a volunteer with the TMI base here in Russia, and we boarded a bus to take the four-hour ride south down to the TMI base.  Upon our arrival, the Russian staff had a wonderful breakfast waiting for us, which we heartly consumed, and the team is currently in the midst of getting unpacked and into our housing.  We can’t wait to get to work on our project but we’ll have to give you more on that later.



  1. I didn’t expect that Marta could beat any boy:DD

  2. It was very nice to meet all described people!Martha is very kind-hearted
    person,Lily always smiles,Mikah is funny and every of this team is a special human!It was nice to meet all this gyes) (Russian)

  3. I’m glad Marty and the rest of you arrived there safely. Martha, don’t beat up the boys. 😛 Praying for you, girl!

  4. God is good! Lilly we excited you are there. Your friends here at home are praying for you and sending a big hug! The Hermant Family

  5. Tell Micah we said hi and that we are praying for the team ministry while in Russia – glad to hear that they made it thru – Praise the Lord.

  6. Patricia Weatherl

    Say “hi” to Martha for me, I am so glad she got to go on this mission trip,, 5 of my 8 kids went out with TMI (including Marth’s mom) and it was a very growing experience for them. hugs and kisses from her Grandma Pat!

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