China — 12019 (6/27/12)

Has it really been a week since the first team members started arriving???? It some ways, it seems like it was just yesterday and in other ways, it seems like it was a long time ago.

The China team is doing well. We have 24 team members—12 girls and 12 guys! This past weekend we experienced the Missions Conference where the team attended classes on Child Evangelism, Reaching the Homeless, Reaching Muslims, and Motorcycle Sunday School Missions. We also heard several good speakers. We participated in the commissioning of Early Boot Camp.

Monday, we began our “regular schedule” of classes. This week, we have focused on drama, phonics, music and puppets. We will have some work classes next week. We won the Cleanliness Award the second day we were here (and got to swim in the pool) and we were “on the fence” (next to the lowest) last night. We also won “brainstorming” and got to swim in the pool again. We even won the OC last night (Kilimanjaro didn’t run it :)).

A “biggie” has been the weather. Even though the tropical storm didn’t hit us directly, we experienced the outer bands. There has been a lot of rain and wind (which keeps the mosquitoes away). The sun is actually shinning now as I am writing. We are all looking forward to getting everything “dried out”.

Aubrey Sweitzer – Today was very challenging for me. My tent keeps on flooding and everything is wet. I got my first SB (Special Blessing). Even though it has been a downer of a day, I learned about the five D’s of the devil today and that he will do anything to stop you from being changed by God and encouraging others to change and be used by God. So I am now reminding myself of his tactics whenever it gets hard. I cannot let the devil win and I am going to make it through no matter what!

Grant Boyd – Boot Camp is going really well. The team is amazing! I am so blessed that I can come to the muddiest place in the world. The OC is so much fun and we won the OC yesterday. We miss you guys so much. We are having a great time. I cannot wait to get home and tell you all about it!



  1. Thanks so much for the update! Praying for all the team members and leaders, knowing God is giving strength and stamina to each! I enjoy the team member postings too! Great job on the OC for the first week – I enjoy seeing pictures of the kids during their activities! Praying for the team as you learn your evangelism techniques. God will use you in mighty ways in CHINA!!! Keep up the good work! (Love and miss you Angie) God bless!

  2. Brenda Christensen

    Thank you so much for the update Beth! So good to hear you are all doing well. Especially love hearing comments from the team members! Praying for you and all God is going to do through you this summer. Can hardly wait to hear all about it when you get back. Goooooo CHINA team!!!!!

  3. Tip to you guys in bootcamp with the wet weather, wrap everything in garbage bags, (best to do it in the morning before you hit the obstacle course and classes) wear bread bags over your socks in your boots, and if you can get a tarp from somewhere, get it over your tent. Not only is Merritt Island my home town, (so I’m used to this) but having survived monsoon season at boot camp and camping on my own, this will save you from having to deal with all wet gear. Might be damp, but it won’t be soaked.

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