Ecuador — 12016 (6/27/12)

Boot Camp is well under way for us, and it has definitely been quite an experience on Team Ecuador. We have a large team consisting of 23 team members, four leaders and three leaders’ children. Our regular Boot Camp routine started early Monday morning. Everyone has been learning from the different classes and are continually encouraged to function as a team. What has been unusual so far is the cool temperatures. Because of a tropical system off the west coast of Florida, cool breezes have been a daily routine.  With this system though has come the rain, some of it has been torrential downpours. Many of our team members have gotten fairly wet when in their tents.And if they haven’t gotten wet from the rain, they have definitely gotten wet from falling in the slough. Despite the wet conditions, almost all of them have been keeping a positive attitude. We really do have a good group of kids. Some are missing home and some are struggling with being on time, but they do want to improve and overcome their struggles so they can be a unified team. I believe the Lord has something awesome awaiting them during their time at Boot Camp and in Ecuador.

Please pray for the team members.  Pray that they will allow the Lord to work in their lives.  Pray for us as leaders that we will seek the Lord’s guidance.  Thank you for allowing your child to be a part of this experience.  I pray each one of them will come home from this trip with a changed heart and a passion to serve the Lord with their whole heart.

Aaron Osborn – Coming to Boot Camp was exciting for me–raising funds and getting the plane ticket.   When I got here I discovered things are completely different than I was making in my mind, different though it be.  It is a lot of fin, running through the O.C. and learning new things in all the classes.  The heat and humidity (and mud) all builds character and I am excited about growing closer to God.

Maddison Thomason – Throughout Boot Camp thus far, there have been numerous struggles ranging from team struggles to being drained physically.  I have already come a long way..   Day one was rough.  I did not know a single person here.  The only thoughts going through my head were going home,  But the team members let me know that they were feeling the exact same way and I wasn’t alone.  Soon enough, I was beginning to see the real reason I was here. God wanted me here so that I could get closer to Him and learn to really know Him.  Even though some of my team has not quire realized God’s plan for them yet, we are really starting to come together and be united.  I still see more obstacles waiting for us ahead, but as long as we stay on God’s road, we are safe in His hands.  I couldn’t  be in a better place on earth right now.  Therefore, I am so thankful and gracious for this experience.



  1. Dwight, where did you see the video?

  2. A shout out to the Ecuador Team.We watched your Team Cheer on webcam yesterday on July 4th. It was awesome!! So creative! You are doing great. Praying for you. Also, WE LOVE YOU ED RACKE!! Peace to you Ed 😉
    Dwight&Ruth Racke

  3. A shout-out to our son, Edward. We here in Oregon are praying for you. All this brings back so many memories of when your mother and I were also served the Lord with TMI. May all the difficulties draw you closer to Christ.

  4. Jack and Mary Hindle

    You must all be so very proud of yourselves, Team Ecuador:)
    And what you are about to accomplish is nothing short of awesome!! We are ever so proud of our grand-daughter, Delaney. Remember, you will make some wonderful changes in peoples lives and that makes you all “SPECIAL” in God’s eyes and in our hearts!! Be safe and have fun. Love you Delaney:)))

  5. Margaret and Gary Light

    What a great Team. So glad to hear your wonderful words and thoughts.
    You will all do wonderful things.
    And a great big hug and LOVE to our Grand Daughter Maddison.

  6. Nicole & Terry Giesbrecht

    Way to go Team Ecuador! We are praying constantly for you and loved the update. Hang in! God has great things in store.
    And a huge WE LOVE YOU to our daugther Delaney. We are so proud of you!

  7. Tom and Juli Stelle

    We are praying for Team Ecuador every day and are excited to hear of your wonderful progress. We are especially excited to hear from our Grand Daughter, Maddison.

  8. Hello Team Ecuador!!! Thank you for the heartfelt team update, sharing the challenges that you are all going through, and how we can pray for you. I am so encouraged by each one of you and am excited to hear what you are learning and how God is working in your lives. Keep up the good…hard work – be encouraged!!!

    p.s. “Hi” to my daughter Andrea.

  9. Shannon Lodholm

    Yeah Ecuador!! We will be praying for you to be unified as a team, praying you all listen to God as He leads and guides you. Praying for your leaders to have the great ability to lead you well. We are praying for all of you – God has great things in store for you!!

    And – a shout out to Daniel and Abby, we love you and miss you!

  10. Christy Ferguson

    Team Ecuador! I am so excited to hear how things are going. I check the website probably on average about 10 times a day to check for updates, pics, etc. I am very proud of each and every member of the team – keep it up! Very excited to meet you all at commissioning!

    And – a personal shout out to my wonderful daughter, Maddison. I am so very proud of you!

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