France — 12028 (6/27/12)

Bonjour!  There’ve been so many exciting things the France team has been experiencing together since we all met each other one week ago!

Our team has 11 team members—nine girls and two boys.  We have three adult leaders and we’ve all bonded quickly and enjoy each other’s company!  The team has nicknamed itself the “France Fries.”  We get around Boot Camp to our various classes and activities (in a single file line, of course) by saying:
Leader:  France
Team:  Oui! Oui!
Leader:  Count Off
Then the team counts off 1-11 to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind.
Weather-wise, I can tell you it’s been usually cool and we are experiencing heavy rains, but it has been a trade off for the extreme heat down here!
So far, we have avoided “Piggy”, the privilege of cleaning the bathrooms for having messy camp or eating sites.  The kids love the food and are eating great!  We served KP (kitchen cleanup) last Friday and there were commended by the kitchen staff for being hard workers and listening well to directions.
The Obstacle Course (O.C.) is a challenge each morning but the team tries very hard and they have improved!  We got to do “Noah’s Ark”, another obstacle course, which involves making animal noises to find pairs of animals.  They were praised for being the most enthusiastic team in Boot Camp!
Despite the rain, head , humidity, mud, sweat, weariness, etc.  I am happy to say that there’s hardly been any whining or “poor me” attitudes from the team.  We are all learning that endurance, or undergoing hardships without quitting, is necessary in order to be completely mature, as James 1:2-4 says.
We, as leaders, have truly come to love your kids so know that we will care for them as best we can this summer.  Please pray for strength, healthy, spiritual growth and unity as we continue to train at The Lord’s Boot Camp!
Heather Santiago – At Boot Camp, I’ve learned about the hunger for God’s Word in nations such as Indonesia, Australia, and China.  I’ve learned how a simple “God bless you” and a smile can impact people in the smallest, yet effective ways.  I’ve really enjoyed learning how to use drama, music, and puppets to relay the message of Christ to people of all ages.
Lydia Knox – We have been learning a lot!  We are taking Evangelism classes, puppet classes, drama class and Brainstorming.   Also, we are leaning to sleep in wet tents and bathing and doing laundry in a bucket.  I have felt the Lord minister to me through my team mates, leaders and complete strangers.  Even in tough times, I now I am not alone.  God is so good!


  1. I too would love to see more pictures and video, but understand the limitations. I am very thankful for what we get to see. It makes the transition away from my daughter easier.

    1. Tammy, We are trying. The photographer has a team (along with everyone else) and with the loss of staff who went with the Early Boot Camp teams, we are doing the best we can. The teens are our first priority.

  2. I am so proud of Destiny. Destiny is my niece by birth but my daughter by choice. I adopted her about 5 1/2 years ago. She earned the privelege of attending this trip with her awarding winning attitude that is always full of compassion, hard working, mature, respectful, and sweet spirit that just blesses everyone she encounters. It doesn’t surprise me that there is hardly any whining for she most assurdely knows how to work through struggles with a positive attitude. She truely has a servants heart. Her dad and I are so incredibly proud of her.

    I am so blessed to hear this good report. I pray that God continues to strengthen, enrich, and prosper this team as they continue to pursue him in this Mission.

    Please send my love to Destiny!

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