Italy Backpack — 12013 (6/27/12)

Italy Missions TripWe’re off to a great start with our training at Boot Camp. We are on our third day of evangelism classes, puppets, drama and music. We got 15 team members on over the Wall on the Obstacle Course this morning. Deke Pierce and Justin Dowers have mastered the art of pulling the team members over the wall. The team is working well together and building great friendships. Ronnie Bosworth enjoys being the last runner on the OC and she is a great encourager for the team. We are doing our best to stay dry in this weather. It is suppose to improve today. Although it is wet, we all love this cooler weather!

Justin Dowers – Hey everyone in the outside world! Here at The Lord’s Boot Camp, we are getting some inclement weather. It is either pouring rain, windy or high heat and humidity. Despite the weather, our team still has high spirits and is having a good time and learning a lot. We all get along well and do very well in our group classes. We are getting good with walking with our backpacks since our tent site is one of the fartherest out. I think I speak for all when I say I cannot wait to get to Italy!

Ahnie Lonele – Team Italy has made it across the three-day hump with a whoop and a holler! We have been afflicted with blisters, wilted by the heat and flushed out by the rain. Yet, through it all, we have triumphantly connected as a team, exploding with enthusiasm, radiating humor and keeping each other’s chins up through the challenges. After settling in on Registration Day, we went through some quick orientation classes to get us into the swing of things at Boot Camp. We are learning to speed walk with backpacks, be patient in lines and memorize Scripture. We are acquiring such skills as time management, food inhalation and during the afternoons and evenings, we get pumped up for the rallies. Some highlights include sleeping, the Obstacle Course, drama, bathing and of course, the 500-gallon chocolate milkshake. So, all in all, we had a challenging, but uplifting week that has strengthened us for the days ahead.v



  1. Hey Andrew,

    Nice pictures thought you might smile in one or two of them, got all your letters sorry I didn’t think about posting a email message sent three letters though hope you received them.
    I’m glad God is using you to his purpose and that you are hopefully having some fun.
    Everyone sends there love and best wishes, love you so much, may God be with you with everyone you meet and see.


  2. Hi Andrew,

    Just wanted to say hi and God Bless you.

    Uncle Doug and Auntie Debi

  3. Jonathan and team,
    What a wonderful experience that you all are having.
    Thank God for his guidence & blessings upon all of you.
    Jonathan, your phone call yesterday was so surprised.
    We are so proud of you as always.
    Have more awesome time at Italy & hope to hear from you soon.
    We miss you soooooooooo much.
    Love mom,dad,joseph, & abraham

  4. Crystal Loncle

    Ahnie and team. Been praying for you. Thinking about you everyday. We have written. Snail mail what can I say. Your letters are coming 2 at a time. Can’t help but laugh. I do remember it all. Stay strong and dad and I love you.


  5. Guida Sweitzer

    Dowers Family,
    We got a post card from your son today. It had been stuck to our daughters letter somehow. So he did write! We will send it on. He’s happy and doing great. Mostly asking for money 🙂 He loves you.
    (Just thought you’d want to know)

  6. Hey, sounds hot and humid but you guys are doing it! God blesses those who work for him, eh? Glad to hear you are all doing good working together in your purpose. Roni, you ROCK! I think I can speak for all the families and say that we MISS you terribly! I pray for all of you daily as you do God’s work. Love, Mom (Dad too, oh yeah J,J,B send xo too–I forced them to! LOL)

  7. Justin and team, we are so proud of you all and thrilled to hear what a great team you have. I know your brothers (Evan in India and Donovan in Kenya) miss you and are praying for you. Annie sends a special “hello”!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  8. Jeff and Leigh Pies

    Love reading about all that you are experiencing there. God’s blessings to the Italy Team as you learn to work together and build friendships! Praying for you daily. Love you Ashleigh and Maddie!!!

  9. I enjoy reading all that you are doing. Keep up the good work and you will be home before you know it. Karly you Gram Gram loves you

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