Kilimanjaro — 12011 (6/27/12)

Kilimanjaro Missions TripWe have been here at The Lord’s Boot Camp for a full week now and the Kilimanjaro Backpack team is excited for the coming days as the Lord has already proven Himself faithful. Our team of 26 team members enjoyed the Missions Conference weekend which included Boot Camp Olympics! Various relay races and other competitions were included as each of the team members participated  and bonded as a team. We also attended classes on how to reach Muslims, the homeless, children and our neighbors for Christ.

God is continually showing His wonderful strength to us as we train for the field by carrying our hiking backpacks around Boot Camp at a quick pace. As classes have begun, we look forward to what we will learn: from digging to block laying, puppets to steel tying and dramas to evangelism.

Please pray that the Lord will shine His marvelous light from each and every person on the JARO team! Pray for the leaders too!

Clare Cook – Since I arrived here, Boot Camp has definitely offered mixed joys and challenges. Sleeping in a hot tent, quick watk up calls and wet feet take some getting used to. However, I find Boot Camp to be a mostly wonderful experience. It was so inspiring to hear the testimonies of missionaries during the Missions Conference. Now that actual classes have started, I am highly benefitting from classes in basic construction, phonics, music and even learning songs in Swahili! The Obstacle Course is also a fun chance to learn teamwork while getting a little exercise. All of this is made possible by incredible team members and leaders who are always ready to encourage and lend a hand. Finally, personal devotions, memory verses, and singing praise songs keep me focused on what Teen Missions is really all about. All in all, I am having a great time at the Lord’s Boot Camp.

Savannah Stiegler – Here at Boot Camp, we learn teamwork, speed, strength, and that we cannot do everything by ourselves. We learn that God will always be there. We meet many new people with the same faith in Jesus. We learn what it really means to struggle. It can be something as simple as walking in a single file line with no gaps. It can be something a little bit harder like passing the Slough Of Despond or climbing Jacob’s Ladder. Whatever it may be, you are not alone. That is what we learn. Boot Camp has already made me stronger. I smile even when I am soaking wet. I am already good friends with my teammates and others I have met at Boot Camp. It is crazy to think that two weeks ago, I was dreading this place and now I am embracing it. Boot Camp has taught me that things are not always what they seem and God is NEVER what He seems—He is so much more. In short, Hebrews 12:12-15.



  1. Look for Kilimanjaro Parent Page 2012 on Facebook if you want to join the group. You can contact Crystal Norton Thomas to join, as it is now a closed group.

  2. Mark & Lisa Demary

    Godspeed – go in the strength of the Lord. His grace is sufficient for the task at hand.

  3. Boot Camp seems to be just the right title for your mission preparations. I think of our military boot camps, where recruits work on physical training, while learning strategies for behavior in unusual situations, discipline, respect for more experienced leaders, teamwork and trust for fellow team members. I pray that what you are learning will serve you well, not only in your Christian mission away from the US, but throughout the rest of your life. I continue to pray for your spiritual growth, Clare Cook, as well as for the team of which you are now a part.

  4. Kathleen & Dave Gallo

    Hang in there! You will be blessed in so many ways!

  5. Kathleen & Dave Gallo

    We are thrilled for you and proud of you for serving the Lord at Teen Missions this summer. That, in itself is a sacrifice, when so many other kids your age are just “relaxin’ in the sun” We are praying for you each day as the Lord proves His faithfulness to you in all that you will experience! Love you!Grandma & Grandpa Gallo

  6. I’m praying for you daily and so excited to see how God is working His mighty hand in all of your hearts as you reach out to His people! Keep your eyes on Him and He will faithfully supply your daily needs! Love to you all! Dana Matthews Cook

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