Malawi Guitar — Safe Arrival (6/27/12)

We just received a phone call from Mat, a leader on the Malawi Guitar team. They have arrived safely and are missing one bag. Will try to send an email report tomorrow. The internet is not working at the base. They were with the Zimbabwe team in Addis Ababa.



  1. Suzanne,

    Thanks, Beth knows why I said it. I am glad you were safe. 🙂

  2. Glory be!! Praying for them and the mission God has planned.

  3. Jennifer, I was in Zimbabwe last Summer. I did not see a single bug! It’s Winter time in South Africa. =)

  4. Jennifer Saylor

    Be SURE all the kids share their BUG SPRAY with the one that is missing their bag!! No parent would be happy if they didn’t share bug spray. Thank you.

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