Orphan Angels — 12023 (6/27/12)

Zambia Missions TripDear Friends and Family of Zambia OA:

Greetings from our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ!

We have an amazing team of kids and leaders this year.  What an awesome opportunity the Lord has given us to learn from each other’s strengths and to encourage one another in our weaknesses.

Many of us are learning to lean on God for every detail of our lives:  getting up at 5:30 in the morning, walking through the mud, and giving thanks for dry socks.  We are so proud of how our team is working together.

Continue to pray for each of us as a team.  The first days of motorcycle training have gone very well.

The sights and sounds of God’s creation here in Florida have given us pause. We are enjoying hearing the frogs, crickets and owls serenade us at night as the armadillos make their late night rounds.

We cannot begin to count the blessings that God is showing us as we discern each team members spiritual gifts.  Thank you to those who have given us your children to care for and nurture.

On Tuesday, the kids learned how to ride double and balance the bikes.  Then came the joy of shifting into second gear without killing the engine. Wednesday we plan to move from the training field to the training course.  Keep the prayers coming.

Beth Doyle – Hey everybody!  Today makes it a week that I’ve been here and I am loving it!  There is a tropical depression here right now so it has been raining a lot, but it’s nice because it makes it cool!  The spiritual atmosphere here in incredible. I feel God’s presence all the time and have definitely learned to depend on Him to get through every day. Boot Camp is a hard environment, but it is awesome training. Our team is really connecting; we work well together and have a lot of fun. We’ve only done two days of bike training, but everyone is doing really well. The bikes are so fun, but know that they are just an evangelism tool and that we need to focus on the ministry to the orphans. We’ve started music and phonics and that is all really exciting too!  I am looking forward to what is to come!

Matthew Pound – Besides falling in the slough, wet tents, wet clothes and muddy wet boots, running the Obstacle Course at 6:30 a.m. is a lot of fun.  We started riding the firs bikes for MSSM and also training and learning all aspects of helping orphans with phonics, games and teaching the Gospel.  I can’t wait to go to Zambia to help the orphans.



  1. mike and sandra potter

    we are proud beyond description of the dedication these kids have displayed.
    of course we are somewhat partial to our little mindy 🙂
    may God bless you young men and women, no doubt he will smile on your faith and labor

  2. Christopher Wright

    Hello OA, My son is Zac, I am so proud of you and the man you have become. I pray that God would continue to mold you and use you. I can’t wait to see you, Mom and I miss you very much as well as your sibilings. Look forward to hearing what you did and seeing all the pictures your taking. We will continue to pray for you and your teams safety. God Bless DAD

  3. Chris and Gloria Mattatall

    Hi OA,
    Just writing to wish you all a happy and blessed 4th of July from your neighbours to the north. You certainly did Canada proud on July 1 and we wish you all the best as you celebrate America’s 236th birthday. Missing you a lot today Caleb…..love you.

  4. Bekah McDougald

    Hi OA team, Tim’s sister here. Our whole church is praying for this team and God’s protection on it. I love the team cheer this year, Timothy you probably do smell very gross so Change you’re Clothes hahaha. I miss you a lot big brother 🙂

  5. Chris and Gloria Mattatall

    Happy Canada Day Caleb!

  6. Elizabeth Weyman

    Hey everyone! Praying for you all, and can’t wait to hear more stories of your work for God as the time goes on. As for Beth Croyle, we love you! Do great things in God’s name, love some kids, and don’t let your knee get to ya! 😉 Oh, and the thought box is already working well! See ya in a few!

  7. Deborah McDougald

    Orphan Angels, just want to let you all know we are praying for you as a team. We pray that God keeps you all safe and uses you all in such a mighty way! We have been watching the rallies every night and it is good to see you all have kept away from the piggy award. For Timothy, we are so proud of you. Since you will have all this experience teaching phonics, you can help Hannah learn to read when you get back. There is not a day that goes by that one of your 8 siblings doesn’t ask about you and say they miss you. We love you and miss you. Mom, Dad and the Clan!

  8. Sending a big shout out to SUSAN DEMPSEY from the Mabry family! We are so incredibly proud of you for taking on such a huge challenge this summer. You’ll be such a blessing to the orphans in Zambia and to your whole team as well. Plus, I bet you’ll want a dirt bike of your own for Christmas….lol Go get ’em Tiger!!

  9. praying for you all ! right now…

  10. Chris and Gloria Mattatall

    Hey Zambia OA:
    Gloria and I and Caleb’s brothers watch you every night during evening rally. We can tell by your actions that the team gets along really well, and we are so pleased. Wish we could meet you all…and have you all over for a barbecue. Anyway, miss Caleb terribly. We are so proud of you son. We eagerly anticipate pictures of your day, and look forward to seeing you at evening services. For such a time as this the Lord has placed you on this team to use your talents and gifts for His glory. Love you so much. Mom & Dad

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