Peru Church — 12024 (6/27/12)

Peru Missions TripGreetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp here in Merritt Island, Florida.  We have been blessed to have our team all arrive by Wednesday.  There are 13 girls and five boys and all are doing great.  The weather last week was beautiful, hot with a nice breeze.  Over the weekend, we received our first bands of rain which continued into the beginning of this week.

Since arriving we have been a part of the Missions Conference.  We attended classes on how to reach the Muslims, reaching the homeless, reaching children and learned about the work that is going on in Africa through the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission.  We also had our fist day of classes which included puppets, music, block laying and layout.  The team is still adjusting to waking up at 5:30 a.m. and running the O.C. but is getting better as the days go on.  We have had no major health problems.
John Imperial – The past few days have been hot, wet, stinky and awesome.  We have great food and fellowship with the team and the other teams that are here.  The weather never stays the same.  One day it is hot and dry and the next day it is wet and breezy.  God has taught me to never give up and that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  He has also taught me to put the church first then others and finally myself.  I believe at the end of this summer we will come back different and our relationship with God will be stronger.
Michelle Dearmore – I got to the Lord’s Boot Camp on Tuesday, July 19th, not fully knowing what to expect. Well on my team there are 18 members including me and we have three leaders.  Our team has bonded pretty quickly though we still struggle with how to be the friend and team member that we can be with the rest of the team.  On this trip we were not supposed to bring books.  Well, I as not looking forward to that because I really enjoy reading.  However, my mother thought it would be good for me because it would force me to rely fully on God to help me interact with a group of kids that I did not know in the beginning.  One of the main reasons I wanted to come on this trip was to get this experience, but also to grow in my relationship with God.  During these first few days I felt that God has been teaching me how to get closer to Him as well as the fact that there is so much more that I could be doing for the Lord.  This experience so far has been a time of friendship, leadership and personal and spiritual growth.  I want to thank the Lord for my family and friends who supported me and  helped me get here. I also want to thank the Lord for blessing me with awesome team members and awesome leaders.


  1. Patricia Doebler

    Jessica, So proud of you! Praying much for you and the whole team.
    Round One (BootCamp) is now complete & by now you are in Peru. May the joy of the Lord be your strength & song each day.

  2. John Imperial, you are a trooper! My prayer for your team is that you would accomplish more than was projected for you and that the people of Peru would wonder at your team and conclude that Christ in you is what makes you distinctive.

  3. Can anyone tell me who the leaders are for Peru Church? Or where that information can be found? Praying for you all, Peru Team. God is going to do great things thru you this summer.

  4. Nice to finally get a letter from our Jessica! Congratulations on winning white glove. We are praying for unity within the Peru team, and that you will be prepared for whatever obstacles God allows you to face this summer.

  5. We Love you Jessie, so much. I know you are growing in God and I am praying for safety and health, and that you would see God working.

  6. Praying for Ali Skeens & the whole team. God bless!!!

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