Trinidad — 12031 (6/27/12)

Trinidad Missions TripWe have finished week one of Boot Camp. There are 22 team members with eight boys and 14 girls. They have been doing really well on the Obstacle Course (OC) and have been working together as a team. They have been attending the following classes: music, block laying, puppets and steel tying.

Their favorite part of the day is the evening rallies where they enjoy the team cheers, worshipping the Lord through music and listening to and being challenged by the speakers.

It has been raining every day, but there has not been any thunder or lightening. The weather is starting to clear, so we should be able to get everything dry soon.

I am excited to be leading the Trinidad team this summer. They are a great group of teens!

Morgan Mitchell – We have all made it safely and survived the first week of Boot Camp. It was an adjustment for sure—getting up before the sun, cleaning in buckets with lake water and toilets that you have to flush with a bucket. I think we are all used to it by now. We all get along pretty well with each other and I can’t wait to see how we will grow as a team. We have begun our classes on how to lay blocks, puppets, music and how to lay out a building. We only have 10 more days left and then we will be commissioned. After that, we will get showers and a laundry mat (hopefully) before traveling to Trinidad on July 9. We all miss everyone and talk about our families a lot. We LOVE getting letters and emails and we will see you in August. Be praying for us! (I miss you mom, Bailey, David, Benaiah and Andrew!).

Lea Crumpton – When I got here, I thought this place was amazing. Then we slowly got more information. First you have to eat everything on your plate and you have to sleep in a tent! Other than those things, it is amazing. Everyone from every team is so polite. I am not the most outgoing person, but here, everyone accepts you as you are. It is like having a clean slate. So many difficulties have brought my team together. The best part of the day for me is the Obstacle Course. It unites the team. There are so many challenges and so many encouragers . Rallies are a lot of fun. First, there are team cheers, then announcements of winners for the day, then worship through music and then a speaker. I have enjoyed listening to them very much! I have learned to clean my tent, clean the bathrooms and to be more outgoing. Most important, I have learned that God has a plan for me as well as my team. And I know God has a plan for you as well. I love you mom and dad.




  1. Christine Panell

    It was so good to hearing from team Trinidad. I have missed Christiana so much and never realized how much I communicate with her. Several time a day I think I need to tell Christiana this or that and then realize she is across the USA and then off to Trinidad and I can’t. I pray for you all. to be safe, have fun and may God use this experience to mold you to the women and men you will become. Blessings to all of you. Christine and Chris Panell

  2. Thanks for the updates on the team! It helps us to know a little a bit about what you all are going thru! Been watching rally’s and seeing our girl (Haley) in the pictures! Love you Haley so soo Much! Hope the bugs aren’t eating you too badly! Love Dad and Mom

  3. Deanna Mitchell

    Thank you for the update! I have been watching and hoping to hear from you. You have so much support and prayers from Colorado as I share what I get with everyone here. We are so proud of all you are learning and I know that you will be a huge blessing in Trinidad. Pray for us too in Colorado as the wildfires are raging. Keep sending the updates!

  4. So glad to see a post on how team Trinidad is doing. Our family has definately been eager to hear from you all. I am praying for you and cannot wait to see all that the Lord is going to do in your lives. We are proud of all of you.

  5. So good to hear from you Team Trinidad! I’ve been watching some of the rallies and looking for my Abby through the photo’s (and found her several times) Thanks photographers and thanks to those of you who posted updates for us back home to get somewhat of a ‘feel’ for how you’re all doing. I pray for you each day and think of you very often. Have also been re-living my Teen Missions experience (29 years ago to Liberia)through the pictures and videos. I loved Boot Camp and our team held the record of 51 teams (of early & super Boot Camp)for the Obstacle Course that summer, no pressure but, Go Team Trinidad!

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