Uganda Film — 12026 (6/27/12)

Uganda Missions TripIt has been an exciting first week here at the Lord’s Boot Camp for the Uganda Film team. Before the training began on Monday, the team participated in the Missions Conference where they learned about reaching different people groups—Muslims, children, the homeless and even children in Africa through the MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Missions) program. Along with the Missions Conference, the team also participated in the Boot Camp Olympics. We competed in various events such as the “bandana toss” and a duffle bag race where Victoria Webber, Taylor Adams, Katie Jimenez, and Annesley Dehaven came very close to winning against the opposing teams.

After the excitement of the conference and the olympics, it was time to commission the Early Boot Camp teams. It was encouraging to see that they had made it through Boot Camp and were heading to their fields of service. The entire team looks forward to serving the Lord in Uganda using their skills learned during their Boot Camp training as well as their personal gifts.

Although it can be difficult at times, everyone is adjusting and getting into the swing of things. Since it is a team of only 12, there is always an opportunity for participation. Even during Drama Class, most of the team can be in the each drama and everyone is learning all the parts.

Every morning the team has a phonics class so that we can help teach the children in Uganda how to read. The team members enjoy volunteering to demonstrate the various learning aides, such as a phonics fishing game, which can be used all over Africa.

God is working in the hearts of each team member. Overall, it has been a very successful week of bonding, adapting and learning. Please feel free to join our team in prayer this summer. Here are some of the requests of the team members:

-Praise for bonding as a team

-For good health for our team and family at home

-For restful sleep and the rain to stop.

Nicholas Mullins – When I first signed up for Boot Camp, I thought this would be an easy summer. I would go to Uganda, make a film, maybe lose some weight and get a little closer to God. As you can guess, this has NOT been easy. I am home schooled, so I am not used to waking up at 5:30 AM, dressed by 5:35 and then going to an Obstacle Course and get a rude awakening at the Slough. On top of all of that, I have to walk in a straight line, scramble for the Bathroom Pass and wash my own dishes. But to my surprise, the Boot Camp experience has taught me a lot about God and how to get along with others. I look forward to a wonderful summer  serving Him.

Victoria Webber – I haven’t gone camping in a couple of years, so Boot Camp is very different. The tents are wet, we battle all the bugs, and we are dirty a lot of the time. I am so happy to be here because I am reminded every day that it is all in God’s hands. He brought me here and He will bring me through. I go to a public school, so to be in such a big fellowship of believer all the time is amazing. In devotions I am reading Daniel. Chapter 4:25 reminds us that we have no right to question what God has done. I can’t ask why He has brought me to Boot Camp. I just have to praise Him for it.




  1. sharon sanderson

    Taylor: This is exciting! Your entire group looks awesome! God bless and have a great time! Hugs, Auntie Sha and Auntie Sue!

  2. Rebecca Middleton

    Way to go!! Keep it up! Sounds amazing.

  3. Hi, Aika and everyone in the team,
    Excellent work and appreciate you all dedicated yourself to capture the memories and lives of those who will impact and those who are being impacted. We strolled along the Nanking Road of Shanghai today and saw an exhibit with photos shot by a Jewish photographer in the 30s here in Shanghai. Even these are photos of 80 years ago, the images and the people in the photos can speak and tell us about their lives. I trust God has the same in mind to utilize your talents so your film can speak HIS Grace to the world.

    Thank you, Everyone.

  4. You all are doing great Uganda Team. Many people are praying for you!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Mary Anne Endeman

    You all are doing great! Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will perform His purpose in your lives. What an amazing adventure awaits you in Uganda. 🙂

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