Borneo — 12022 (6/28/12)

The Borneo Team is doing well! They are working hard in their classes, working together well on the O.C., and learning to harmonize and sing together! They are a great group of kids and seem to get along together really well. We are impressed with their willingness to work and volunteer for anything that needs to be done. Last night, we almost won the clean award—we got beat by Kilimanjaro Backpack by only 1 point!!! Hopefully, we will win the privilege of swimming in the pool soon. Please pray for Nathan and his family. We just received word that his grandfather passed away. Please pray for comfort for their family.

Despite lots of rain, a few blisters and mud everywhere, the team continues to smile. Please pray for us as we look forward to Commissioning day and our travel to Borneo. We are anxious to get started on our project and beginning our adventure on the other side of the world.

Joy Atchison – Just one week at the Lord’s Boot Camp and I have already learned so much. It has honestly been one of the most interesting and challenging experiences of my life. Boot Camp is purposefully designed so that you can’t do it by yourself. If I have learned one thing so far from being here, it would be trust. I have had to decide to completely trust in God and also my team members. Everything we do here is as a team. Winning or losing, we are in it together. This has resulted in a team that is already very close and always encouraging each other to push harder and be better. God has shown me that in order to truly glorify Him and spread His love this summer, I must trust in Him for my strength and endurance. My own personal strength was already dwindled away on the third day when we had to run the Obstacle Course while we were all tired and still adjusting to the “culture shock” of Boot Camp. Though it was hard, the team rallied around each other and finished strong. Every day we get better and more unified. I can only imagine how much I will learn in the next 11 days at Boot Camp and I am so excited to use everything God shows me and teaches me here to help people on the field in Borneo.   Joy Atchison

Kasey Jo Wright – Of all the things Boot Camp has taught me, one of the most valuable lessons (I feel like I lost somewhere along the road) is time management. From the time we wake up, to the time we go to sleep, we are rushing to accomplish our daily goals and prepare for the next busy day. On the first day of Boot Camp, I could not believe how fast things were going  I only wish you could have a picture of my face when I discovered that we have five minutes to be up and ready after wake up call. That was my first “what am I doing here” moment. After the morning O.C., we hurriedly eat breakfast, wash our dishes, take a thirty minute devotion, run over to the service, then rush to whatever classes we have after that.  And the cycles goes on and on.  In the afternoon, we have an hour of free time before doing laundry and bathing and we spend most of the at time cleaning and organizing our tents (and lately drying them out.)  But in all this lack of personal time, I’ve come to appreciate the moments of peace all that much more.  It seems like the minutes have gotten longer and moments are so much more savory.  Every bit of time is a blessing, even the ones where we are rushing.  Back at home, I would spend hours procrastinating or messing around and then when I went to sleep, I would look down at the foot of my bed at my Bible and say “I’m just too tired, I wish I had more time.”  People are always looking for value in their lives, but we don’t find value, we make value.  If we don’t make an effort to be thankful for every moment given to us, when something truly special comes along, we let it pass by as insignificant.  God doesn’t put insignificant moments in our life, He gives us daily times of peace to inspire us.  We forget that every second is God-given and God’s gifts are always to bring us joy.  We aren’t prominsed long, so I have learned to taste each moment with enthusiasm and thankfulness.   There is a time for everything….Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, 4-8.  Now is the time to be thankful.


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