Cambodia — Safe Arrival (6/28/12)

6/27 -From Tropical Storm Debby to Tropical Storm Doksuri. We have arrived in Hong Kong! It is a bit rainy. We thought we left the rain behind at Boot Camp, but another tropical storm has found us here. We have a couple of hours to wait for our last flight to Phnom Penh. As we had our devotions this morning, a beautiful rainbow came out right in front of us.

6/28-Greetings from Cambodia! We arrived safely and on time. We had great flights and are ready to get settled in. We were fed on our international flights. so we are in good spirits as we wait for our plans to take shape.


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  1. Praise the Lord for His goodness. Thank you for your postings, especially wonderful to see the picture.
    Praying for you all.
    Love, Beth for us all (Victoria’s mom)

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