Germany — 12007 (6/28/12)

Greetings from Camp Siloah in Neufrankenroda, Germany!  As previously reported, the team arrived in Frankfurt in the late morning of Tuesday, June 26, after an uneventful flight from Orlando. Two personal duffels were missing upon arrival. The missing bags were reported to Lufthansa immediately, but by Wednesday evening, there was still no word on them. About an hour ago, we learned the bags never made it onto our flight! They were flown to Frankfurt today, but since it is a three hour drive to Neufrankenroda from Frankfurt, and only a two hour drive from Leipzig, bags are flying up there and will be delivered here probably Saturday. This is the first time ever that we have had bags go astray on a team!
By bedtime Wednesday night (June 27), all tents were up and covered with plastic, clothes lines up, kitchen up and running, and travel clothes washed. Team was ready to begin work, which commenced this morning (Thursday, June 28).The team is working so well and so quickly that Camp Siloah is already looking for other projects for them!
Weather was very nice when we arrived, but last night it poured rain off and on all night!
Our travel to Camp Siloah is our outstanding experience for this report. We saw an amazing sunset as we took off from Orlando. Also, the scenery we saw as we traveled from Frankfurt to Neufrankenroda was beautiful!!


  1. So happy to hear the update. I know when my daughter went to Australia, there was a team member who never got their luggage…the entire trip! Thankfully he had two sets of clothes in a backpack.

    Anyway, thank you for the updates. It is so encouraging to hear that the team is working well together. It sure does make for a nice trip and a great witness!

    Praying God’s blessing to Team Germany and its families!

    We miss you Luke!

  2. I’m so happy to hear the two duffels were located. I hope the owners of the duffels are able to make do until the airline delivers them on Saturday.

    What a wonderful blessing to hear how well the team is working together. I would love to see some photos if possible. 🙂

    Thank you, Lord, for Your continued blessings and provision for the Germany Team.

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