Holy Land School — 12020 (6/28/12)

Greetings Parents, Friends and Family!

You will be pleased to know that our team has settled in and is thriving at the Lord’s Boot Camp! Our team has spent the last week becoming acquainted with Teen Missions and also with each other. The busy schedule, bathing in buckets, living in tents, doing their own laundry and just being away from home has been a culture shock for some. All are welcoming the challenge though and are increasing in faith and drawing closer to God.

This past weekend was very involved due to the Missions Conference that took place. All teams were given the opportunity to hear sermons and testimonies from a seasoned missionary from Indonesia. Other missionaries also addressed the Boot Camps about reaching Muslims, reaching the homeless, reaching others through the Motorcycle Sunday School Ministry and the Child Evangelism Fellowship ministry. The 500 gallon chocolate milkshake and alligator pizza and the free time that came along with the conference were welcomed by all our team mates.

On Monday, the hard part of Boot Camp (running the OC, attending construction classes and evangelism classes and serving SB’s) began. Although our team is still adjusting to the long days and packed schedule, we as leaders are confident that our team will be equipped physically, mentally and spiritually when we are commissioned in 10 days to serve in the Holy Land. We have been blessed with a compassionate, respectful and motivated team and we thank you for sending your sons and daughters, your most precious earthly treasures, into our care for the summer. Hopefully you are getting some quick peeks at your children during the Boot Camp rallies that are broadcasted live each night.

Jacob Manners – Boot Camp is never the less interesting. There is quite a range of people here but it seems to work. Yes, it is raining and yes, it is wet and miserable and people do cry. But we as a team accomplish our task and support one another. In my life right now, God is teaching me not to worry, as well as being patient. This rain is a constant reminder that He is with not only me, but the whole team. I tend to worry whether or not my goals are being accomplished. But they are. Today I had sort of a rough day. I am not really homesick, but I got our team disqualified on the Obstacle Course. I am sort of mad at myself for letting my team down but my team still loves me. That is the kind of support I can expect from my team. In devotions, I read a passage in Psalms that was a prayer calling for help through a rough time. I think we should all cry to the Lord when we are having a hard time.

Thomas Clyde – What I have learned during the past week is unity. We can’t do the OC or classes such as block laying or steel tying without this vital necessity within the team. Without unity, our team would crumble away. I am so glad that God placed me on this team with awesome team members and leaders.



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