Dates: June 27-August 5, 2013 Preteen #13071

CANCELLED 1/24/2013

Literally follow in the footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land! After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to theOrlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Frankfurt, Germany. From Frankfurt, your connecting flights continue across the Swiss and Italian Alps and the Mediterranean Sea to Tel Aviv, Israel.

You then bus to Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala, located within walking distance from Bethlehem. Imagine looking at the valley where David fought Goliath as you work on construction projects around the school grounds. In nearby Bethlehem, you may see the Church of the Nativity and Shepherd’s Field, where it is believed that the angels appeared to the shepherds to announce Jesus’ birth.

On a visit to Jerusalem, you may attend services at Christ Church, the oldest Protestant church in Jerusalem or follow Jesus’ footsteps on the Via Dolorosa in the Old City. Other historical sites you may see include the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed, the Garden Tomb, the Church of the Holy Sepluchre and the Eastern Gate where Jesus is to return. Souvenirs of your stay in the Holy Land may include olive wood carvings, delicate glassware, Arab clothing and Hebron glass. Be sure to barter to get the best deal!

TRAVEL UPDATED (12/1/2012)

Project Expense: $3990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. I am planing on going on this trip if i can. My parents are not sure if it is safe because of the fighting going on there. So, are we near all of that? Or are we somewhere far from there? KAITLYN, HAVE YOUR PARENTS CALL US WITH THEIR SPECIFIC CONCERNS.

  2. My son wants most to go on this team but if he does not raise enough support, will he be able to go on another team? Since there are only a small number of preteen teams, what are the chances of the other teams being too full at that point? He wouldn’t want to miss out on going at all.


  3. My son will be 13 at the end of July. Does he consider this level trip or a teen trip? Is there any information on how a parent can serve on the trip on the website regarding what is involved? Are parents notified when the children land in Israel? Thanks, Marla

    • Maria, He can attend either a teen or preteen team. If you are interested in serving as a leader, please call our office on Tuesday, Jan. 8 (when everyone will be back from Christmas break). The leaders will email when the team arrives at the PROJECT SITE (which will be some time after landing). However, you can know when the plane lands if you follow the airline’s website). If you have more specific questions, please call our office or email us. We will be back in the office on Jan. 8.

  4. Can I go on this trip with my 12 year old daughter? We are looking to serve together.

    • Pam, You could go as a leader and your daughter as a team member. Please give Leader Placement a call on Jan. 8 or later.

  5. All right. Thanks very much for your help.

  6. So it won’t be announced on TMI website? In other words, someone would just sign up for the team and then because of all the craziness going on there, would just face the fact that the trip might be cancelled. That wording was kind of frank, but at the moment I’m not sure how better to ask the question 🙂

    • Hannah, If the team is cancelled, we will call or email you. We have no way of knowing if enough will sign up, if the political situation gets worse, or if the missionary cancels. If the team is cancelled, you will have your choice of where you want to switch to and all of your support switches with you. We will take the team off the website if it cancels.

  7. I am wondering what is going on with this trip as there are some pretty serious things going on in Israel right now. Wanted to know if this trip is still on because of that. If you were to have to cancel this trip, how would we know?

    • Hannah, Right now, it is still on. However, if it is cancelled, we will call or email you and you can choose another trip.

  8. Staci (Schuman) Perez

    I went on the Hope, Israel team in 1986 & 1987, and we stayed in the Hope secondary School both times. It was such an amazing and incredible experience that I went back a second year, and would have gone the following year, but the team had to be canceled due to unrest on the West bank during that time. This is a life-changing team in that it will forever effect the way you view the Holy land whenever you read your Bible – you can literally envision the landscape that Jesus and His followers walked on. Ours were primarily work teams, but there were many different kinds of witnessing opportunities from having puppet shows at the school for local children, to going to churches in Beit Jala, to speaking to both Jews and Palestinians in Jerusalem. I hope my own children have the opportunity to take this same trip with Teen Missions when they are old enough!

    ~ Staci (Schuman) Perez, Team #8621 & #8719 🙂

  9. All right thanks so much Im 15 and have been looking for a trip to Israel for a while but thanks for the info!

  10. What are the age resctrictions on this trip and also where when and how would we deposit the money for the trip?

    • Bethany, The ages for this trip is 10-13. You cannot turn 14 before or during the program. You can register and submit the $30 registration fee. The dates for when money is due is given in the literature that comes after you register.

  11. Do you have to be a preteen to attend this mission?

  12. I just got back from the Hope Secondary School with the 2012 Holy Land team. This was the experience of a lifetime!
    We did a lot of renovating around the school, including picking up lots of trash, clearing dead grass from the courtyards, and painting classrooms. It is definitely a work team.
    We slept in a dorm room with bunk beds. We had bathrooms with showers. We had to wash our clothes in buckets.
    The school overlooks the *beautiful* Valley of Elah, mentioned in 1 Samuel 17:2. 🙂 It was breathtaking.
    We also got to talk to a handful of Palestinian people who were very curious about our lives in America. That opened up the door in ways to talk with them about spiritual things. We also got to hand out gospel coins in Arabic while in Bethlehem. It was a fantastic trip!

  13. I am interested in sending my daughter next year. But what is it that they will be doing? And are there any costs above what they need to raise?

    • Carrie, The costs do not include your round-trip transportation to Florida, passport and visa costs, spending money, departure tax, etc. It does include food and transportation costs from FL to your field of service.

  14. My daughter is returning today from Malawi Preteen. I’ve already told her about this. I went on this Teen team 30 years ago and stayed at this school. It was my first of three Teen Mission summers. It’s was a school for the blind. We slept indoors… can’t remember if we were in beds or on the floor. IT’S A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

  15. Is this team housed in dorms or in tents? Are showers/washing machines available or are buckets used? Thank you.

  16. What are the ministry opportunities on this trip? Is this considered a work trip or evangelistic? Thanks.

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