Indonesia Teen Trip

Indonesia Mission Trip


For an unforgettable summer adventure, join this Indonesia mission trip to the rainforests of Borneo, the world’s third largest island! The Indonesian people will leave a lasting impact on you, as you help continue construction on Teen Missions Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center that will train Malaysian missionaries for many years to come.

After Commissioning you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to JFK  International  Airport  in  New York. From New York your flight continues across the Atlantic Ocean to FrankfurtGermany for refueling, before continuing over Eastern Europe and India to Singapore.You then fly across the South China Sea to Kuching on the island of Borneo and bus to your project site.

Indonesia Mission Trip

Upon arrival you will continue construction on the BMW. Housing is in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. Sharpen your bartering skills as you shop for native handicrafts made from wood, batik cloth and t-shirts. On your return, you will overnight at a hotel in Singapore and have the opportunity to shop in the Chinese night market for last-minute souvenirs.

Project Expense: $5090 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Can you be 18 to go on the teen mission trips, or do you have to go on the adult ones? KYLE, YOU CAN BE 18 AND GO ON A TEEN TRIP AS A TEAM MEMBER.

  2. HI I am very interested in this do I have to be part of a group or do I just sign up and go to the boot camp Sorry I am very confused about the whole proses. Thank you very much. HI, YOU CAN SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE (2013 MISSION TRIPS). ONCE YOU ARE REGISTERED, WE WILL SEND YOU A PACKET OF INFORMATION. EVERYONE GOES THROUGH TRAINING AT THE LORD’S BOOTCAMP BEFORE GOING OVERSEAS. IF YOU HAVE MORE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US ([email protected]).

  3. Yes, is there still room? YES, INDONESIA IS STILL OPEN.

  4. is there spots left for girls??


  6. Is there any room left on this trip ? Also do we travel back to Orlando together ? And will we be picked up at a airport or have to be taken to boot camp directly ?

    • Max, Indonesia is still open. You will fly into Orlando (MCO) Airport and we will pick you up and take you directly to Boot Camp. I don’t know your flight schedule to Indonesia, but it usually leaves out of Orlando (could be Miami), but we will take your team there and you will fly to Indonesia from there and then back for Debrief.

  7. How much room is left?

  8. Ms. Jael, can you please link the facebook group here please? I can’t find it.

  9. Hi! A Facebook Group has been set up for those interested/hoping/planning to join Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore Teen Missions work team. Look for TMI Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore 2013.

  10. Thanks Beth! What expenses are all involved? I know from a friend that you raise money by sending lessons and doing other things but how much extra will it cost? But I also heard that I might have to pay for my own plane ticket?

    • Austin, That information is on our web site. The cost do not include: passport, visas (if needed), boots, clothing, special supplies, round-trip transportation to/from Florida (does include your transportation to/from your project site), spending money, departure taxes (if any), deposits.

  11. I was wondering, I know that there is a training camp that you go to before going on the trip. Would this take place in the weeks leading up to June 21st? Or will they be after June 21st?

  12. My sister went on this team, I might go too 😀

  13. Cool! Do you have his e-mail that you could give me?

  14. Is Willem Heckman involved with this trip at all?

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