Ireland — 12006 (6/29/12)

What a beautiful sunny day in green Ireland! Ireland Outreach, the ministry we are serving, is located in a small village on the Irish sea. The ministry compound is surrounded by lush green grass dotted with colorful flower beds. Our team members have pitched their tents in a corner of the property with tall evergreens overlooking. A fully equipped kitchen, comfortable dining room and spacious meeting area, make this an ideal place for the team to call home away from home. Everyone is also enjoying the hot showers after two weeks of bucket baths at boot camp.

We arrived in Ireland on Tuesday morning accompanied by a heavy dose of jet lag. Within an hour, we were in Dalky the home of Ireland Outreach. The rest of the day was devoted to unpacking and setting up. Then we all fell into bed. On Tuesday, our hosting missionary gave the team a thorough orientation teaching them about the people of Ireland, the ministry of Ireland Outreach and how the team’s project would benefit the ministry.

Ireland Outreach is a non-denominational ministry that distributes Bibles and Christian literature, seeks to evangelize the unreached and disciples believers.

Our project will be to stucco the shed and construct a concrete pad for a gazebo. We began work on the project this morning. Thankfully, the weather is dry and sunny right now

Last night we attended a small church in Dublin, that we will be ministering to and fellowshipping with during our stay in Ireland. We also plan to involve the team in one on one street evangelism.

Everyone is in very good health.

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  1. To: Alex Ward

    Hi Alex,

    We saw the picture of your youth group. It was so good to see you. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful experience in Ireland. We’d love to hear from you.

    Grandma and Grandpa Ward.

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