Ireland & Northern Ireland

Ireland Mission Trip

Come enjoy the beautiful sights as you serve the Lord in Ireland  and Northern Ireland this summer. After BootCamp training, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina. You will then cross the Atlantic Ocean to Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

You will have opportunities for open-air evangelism among the people, as you use puppets, music and drama to share Christ’s love. Shop in Dublin for souvenirs such as Irish linen or an Irish blessing carved into stone which can be found in many shops, or in the famous Stephens Green Shopping Center.

After spending two weeks in Ireland, you board a bus to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to be involved in neighborhood youth ministry and door-to-door witnessing. While in Belfast you will visit the Harland and Wolff Shipyard where the Titanic was built and see the exhibition commemorating its 100 year anniversary. Housing will vary due to location and showers are available. There are washing machines available for laundry if you don’t mind paying or you always have your handy bucket.

TRAVEL UPDATED (10/31/2012)

Project Expense: $3590 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. How many girls are on the waiting list for Ireland? I know you can’t guarantee anything, but if we add a girl to that list this week, then what is the likelyhood of a girl making the team? Or do we really need to move on to another team? Thank you.

  2. Are there still spots left for guys on this trip?

  3. Are there any spots left for girls on this team? IT IS FULL TO GIRLS, BUT WE COULD PUT YOU ON WITH CANCELLATIONS/SWITCHES.

  4. Is it too late to send in a different picture for my ID badge? YOU CAN SEND IT TO AND PUT THAT IT IS FOR YOUR ID BADGE.

  5. Hey guys! If your going on this trip you can add me on Facebook. MorgMere McGowan. 🙂

  6. Tiffany, which Facebook profile is yours?

  7. Hey, I am registered for this trip, If you are going on this trip could you add me on face book.

  8. I would like to know if there is a way for me to check my balances daily to see if anyone has done any donations online for me…. is there a way for me to do that? TAYLOR, NO, THERE IS NOT A WAY TO CHECK DAILY. WE SEND OUT MONTHLY REPORTS AND YOU CAN CALL THE OFFICE AND ASK FOR THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT IN BETWEEN.

  9. ok thank you what spots do u have open for girls??

  10. and have there been kids “bullied” or left out??


  12. ok im just wandering if we go on this trip are we allowed to bring our cellphones to call or text our parents in our down time?? ANGELA, NO CELL PHONE ARE ALLOWED. YOU WILL BE SPENDING YOUR “DOWN TIME” GETTING TO KNOW YOUR TEAMMATES AND THE NATIONALS WITH WHOM YOU ARE WORKING.

  13. how many slots are open for this team? MERRITT, THERE ARE SEVERAL SPOTS OPEN FOR BOYS. IT IS CLOSED TO GIRLS.

  14. If all the guy positions are filled for this trip, will that be the only team going to Ireland? Or will you set up a second team to go if all the positions get filled and there is still interest in this specific trip? MERRITT, IT IS STILL OPEN TO GUYS. WE WILL NOT DO A SECOND TRIP AS THERE IS STILL PLENTY OF ROOM ON OTHER TEAMS.

  15. Hello, how many spots are open on this team for girls? UCHE, IT IS NOW FULL TO GIRLS. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, US, PERU, ECUADOR AND HAITI ARE ALL STILL OPEN.

  16. Is there a way that I can find out how much money we have already submitted towards my mission?

  17. How many girl spots are still open? I’m interested in doing this mission trip.

  18. Are there still girl spots open?

  19. Are there spots left on this trip? And how do you communicate home?

    • Hannah, There are four girl spots left. You communicate via snail mail. Leaders will email reports twice weekly to the office and these reports will be posted on our website.

  20. How many more spots are left on this trip?

  21. Feel free to add me on Facebook too! My name on Facebook is Sarah Weaver, but there are a lot of profiles under the same name, so it might just be easiest if you added MorgMere McGowan or Delaney Painter first and then found me through their list of friends. I can’t wait to meet everyone!:)

  22. hey i was wondering what kind of knife size it has to be to bring on the plane i heard it was over 5 but i wanna make sure and is it gunna be cold in ireland when we get there? and add me on facebook delaney painter

    • Michael, You really don’t need to bring a knife, but if you do (pocket knife), you will need to pack it in your duffel.

  23. Please add me on facebook so we can all get to know eachother! Delaney painter

  24. I just signed up for this one! I really hope I can raise the funds to go. If you are also going on this mission we should all get to know eachother on facebook. Add me please:) Delaney Painter cant wait to meet everybody.

  25. I just signed up for this one! I really hope I can raise the funds to go. If you are also going on this mission we should all get to know eachother on facebook. Add me please:) Delaney Painter or [email protected] cant wait to meet everybody.

  26. Hey guys, if you’ve singed up for this trip friend me on Facebook my name is MorgMere Mcgowan. So excited o meet you all!! 🙂

  27. Is there a cancellation fee? What is it?

    • Allex, There is not a cancellation fee unless you cancel after the airline tickets have been purchased. If you do, then you are responsible for the cost of the ticket(s).

  28. One more question: What if I register and start raising funds, but when the time comes I don’t have enough to go on any trips?

    • Allex, That rarely happens. We call before doing the final ticketing and it is at that point where you need to transfer to a cheaper team or cancel.

  29. Never been on a trip like this. I really want to go with this team, but am not sure if I will get the funds……..what should I do??? I don’t want to lose a spot because of my uncertainty….

    • Allex, Why don’t you go ahead and register. We will send you prayer cards and letters for you to send out to help you raise your support. We will call before the final ticketing so that you can switch to a cheaper team if you do not have the needed support.

  30. is there a way for me to have an online account? where i can have family members donate online and where i am able to check the balance

  31. I’m excited for this trip… Any one know if there is a way for us to make an account for away family to donate for my funds????

  32. I just signed up last night! I can’t wait to go! I’m so excited to be going somewhere new and getting the chance to make a difference. The summer can’t come soon enough! 🙂

  33. How close is this team to being full?

  34. I cannot decide between this trip, the Scotland one, and the Wales one. I was wondering if there is anymore avalible information you could email to me about these three trips? If so, my email is mycatjasmine(at)gmail(dot)com If not, I understand.

    Thank you for your time! 😀


  35. I had one DD interested in this trip as a FTM and one interested in the Spain trip. We were online checking today and see that Spain is no longer listed. Have you cancelled the Spain trip or is it being revamped and will be replaced once it has been? Just trying to figure out what to do before we register.

  36. I just signed up last nigh,and I’m sooo excited! Is this anyone else’s first trip?

  37. I checked the booklet my DD brought home from this year’s trip and Spain and Ireland had the same dates, but there were about 10 teams with the same dates. She said debrief doesn’t normally have that many teams, so I was wondering how that was handled. I would hate for them to fly home only days apart.

    • Wendy, There are 10 teams in the Early Debrief, 10 in the middle Debrief and eight in the last Debrief. Several years ago, when we had Debriefs all over the world, there were only a few teams. Now that everyone debriefs in Florida, there are more teams.

  38. Also, is there a maximum number of participants on this trip?

  39. Are there any special vaccines required for this trip?

  40. Is there any way we could get help with the payment?

  41. Kyndal, God isn’t looking for perfect Christians. He’s looking for a willing heart. If you have a heart to serve God, don’t let fear or insecurity hold you back. You will learn how to do personal evangelism in bootcamp and have plenty of practice, and you won’t be going alone, so don’t worry! If you want to serve God, God is going to make you ready. Just go. You’ll be so glad you did, trust me!

  42. I would love to go on this trip! I am 14 and just beginning to dig deeper into Christ, I’m not near perfect & don’t know if I’ll be good enough to witness door to door :/. Any suggestions?

  43. Is this an EV team? I signed up and would like to know if I should be expecting work or evangelism.

  44. kayleen blasingame

    i have been wanting to go on one of these mission trips forever it seems like but my family rodeos and i will have highschool nationals in july:( is there any that leave at the end of july!

  45. Yes?

  46. i love this one. i think im going to ireland

  47. Do you know if there will be others trips for 2013 missions that are not listed yet? Thank you!!!!!

  48. This is an EV team right?

  49. Just registered to team 13014!!!! 🙂

  50. We just sent our pic to [email protected] as that's where we sent it last time. :)

    We just sent our pic to [email protected] as that’s where we sent it last time. 🙂 Not sure if that is correct, but we’ll call Monday if we don’t hear any different. Beth? Did I send it correctly?

  51. Does anybody know which e-mail address we’re supposed to send our photo to for the ID badge/prayer cards?

  52. Im very intrested this sounds like a lot of fun:)

  53. I’m doing this one! Anybody else?? 🙂

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