Malawi Guitar — 12001 (6/29/12)

After our two weeks of training in Flordia, we had our Commissioning service. It was an exciting time for the team. We stayed the night in the Orlando Airport then woke up to get on the plane from Orlando to Washington DC. While we were in Washington, we found out that God, through Ethiopian Airlines, provided hotel rooms for our team to stay in! Praise the Lord, we all got a good night’s sleep and a long hot shower! After a 13-hour flight to Ethiopia, a four-hour flight to Lilongwe, and three-hour bus ride to Chipoka, the Malawi Guitar team has arrived! We got to the base in Chipoka at about 7pm Malawi time (about 1pm Flordia time). We started to settle in, unpack and organize. Today we are still organizing (which the KP for today (Anderson and Tabitha) are enjoying organizing our kitchen, I am sure =), finishing some guitar training, and working on some evangelism training. Everyone is doing very well, everyone is feeling good, besides a little jetlag maybe.The weather here is very mild compared to Florida—it is somewhat cool.

On Sunday we will start our project by traveling to Mangochi to work at the Heart of Faith Rescue Unit. We will begin teaching orphans how to play guitar and sharing the love of Jesus with them.

We thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for our team. Mangochi is primarily a Muslim area, so pray that we will be a light in the darkness.

Tiffany Dyck-Comissioning was really great and was good because it reassured me that we were doing the right thing. We were all excited to be on our way. I feel like some of us were realizing that we are a team and we need to work like one. I think we were increadibly blessed in our travels. It was a great thrill to land in Malawi and I enjoyed the three-hour bus ride to the base. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this summer!

Anderson Tyree-The last few days have involved a lot of hard work, travel, and a lot of new experiences. When we arrived in Malawi, you could already see the beauty of the country and the change in weather was a nice change from the hot and humid Flordia weather. Our truck ride to Chipoka was fun, but very cold! It was nice to see the kids on the side of the road waving at us. I cannot wait to get into the villages and work with the kids and share Christ’s love with them.

Written and put together by Chelsea Wininger (leader)

PS. Today was the first day that we got internet, we had to buy a new card for it, but when Mathew tried to start the car yesterday, it wouldn’t. The battery got drained as the last person using the truck didn’t shut the door, let the light in the cab drain the battery. After managing to charge the battery, today Mathew finally got to Salima to get more sugar, bread and butter as well as the internet card. We heard that about a month ago sugar was scares and one person could only by 2 kg at a time. So we got a whole bale, 20kg while we could.

We have been struggling with the water situation here. First there was no power to pump water, then they found a leak in the tank, then after using mortar to fill in the cracks, it still didn’t help it to have water upstairs and it runs out fast after pumping, even downstairs. Even though the team is in dorm rooms with inside toilet and showers, they have not been able to shower as we didn’t even have enough water to comfortably drink and do dishes, flush toilets, and wash hands. It is a good training for the village. We have to be so careful using only as much water as we need. So far we got a dribble every time from the taps when we were out, just in time, but not more then what we needed. What a manna!

We are eating well, have fresh vegetables and fresh fruits too (it is a treat here!), got groceries from town right after arrival, exchanged their personal spending money, they also got a chance to pick up personal items they needed, like washing soap, shampoo, etc. before coming to the base in Chipoka.





  1. Sounds like a really long trip. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and know that withg his help great things will happen.

  2. Jennifer Saylor

    So thankful that they are being cautious and that the Lord is providing as He is Want to do. To Him Be the Glory!

  3. Jean and Kenneth Bennett

    Carli,and team, we are so proud of all of you.God will bless you all for the work you are doing for him.We will be praying and have been praying everyday that he will protect all of you.Love Mamaw and Papaw Bennett

  4. So glad you all made it! Praying for all of you! You’re an awesome team that is serving an AWESOME God!

  5. Hallelujah! To God be the glory.

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