Malawi Mission Trip

Follow in the footsteps of David Livingstone in Malawi, as you serve at several AIDS Orphans Rescue Units(AORU) and Sunday Schools run by the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission. Your project will change the lives of many who, after being fitted with eyeglasses, will see clearly for the first time. You will receive training in how to fit individuals with proper reading glasses and to assist the facilitators with daily medical treatments at the AORU.

Following Boot Camp, your team will bus to the Orlando International Airport to begin your journey to the Lilongwe International Airport via Washington D. C. and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the airport you bus two hours to the Teen Missions in Malawi Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center in Chipoka, where you will be based. Working alongside Malawian missionaries, you will use basic First Aid to make a difference in the lives of those suffering with physical ailments. Meet their spiritual needs as you share the Gospel message through children’s programs, open-air presentations in schools and markets, and one-on-one conversations.

At the close of your project time, you will visit Senga Bay, where you will be able to buy many varieties of wood carvings, as well as paintings and drums. You then travel into southern Malawi to the Shire River and, after an exciting boat ride, will arrive in Liwonde National Park where you will spend one night. You will be just feet away from some of Africas most majestic wildlife: monkeys, elephants, buffalo and many others. You may even come upon a leopard or the elusive black rhino.

Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Sure, no problem! But yeah, that’s what they told us too, so I’m not sure if I am getting it or not, but we’re leaning towards not getting it since they haven’t had problems with it in the past. It would really stink if we were there too long and then I’d have to get the shot there though, so I’m not sure what I’ll do yet.

  2. Thanks Tina for the update. So did you decide not to get the Yellow Fever vaccine? FYI: I called our local Health Dept to schedule my son’s appt. I talked to the nurse there and told her about only being in the Ethopia airport for a short period of time. She said that we should consider the chance that there could be bad weather in Ethopia or trouble with the plane and suddenly your there for a long period of time. I hadn’t even thought about that! She said that Malawi would not let anyone in from Ethopia if they ended up being there for 12 or more hours and that those not vaccinated would have to get it at the border. WOW! THIS HAS NEVER BEEN AN ISSUE IN THE PAST. NONE OF OUR MALAWI TEAMS HAVE REQUIRED VACCINATION AT THE BORDER.

  3. Hi Connie! I had to get Typhoid, Influenza, Hepatitis A, and I already had Hepatitis B so I didn’t need to get that one. For Malaria, they don’t have a shot so I got a subscription medicine that I’ll take on the trip, but you do have to have malaria medicine since we’ll be near Lake Malawi. If you call your county’s public health center (At least this is what we did), you can set up an appointment and they’ll go over everything he’ll need with you. Sorry if that was confusing! Hope it helps (:

  4. Tina ~ I am online reading about what shots my son needs to get for this trip, can you tell me what you had to get? Are they requiring Malaria?

  5. I was wondering, do you know how long we’ll be in Ethiopia? Because I went to get my shots for the trip today, and they said that if we’re there for more than 12 hours, I would have to get a Yellow Fever shot, so they wanted me to check it out and see if we will be there that long. Thanks! THE INDIVIDUAL TEAM FACT SHEETS COME OUT THIS MONTH. I DON’T THINK YOU ARE IN ETHIOPIA THAT LONG. IF YOU ARE, YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT AND YOU WILL BE IN THE CAPITAL CITY.

  6. Cannot wait for this summer with all of you guys! Friend me on Facebook!!

  7. Samantha Hartin

    I have a passion to go to somewhere anywhere in Africa. I saw this page on facebook and i am interested. Could i get more information on the later Malawi trip? PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION. IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO [email protected].

  8. My son is interested in the Super Malawi Trip……is there still opening for boys? WE CAN PUT 1-2 MORE GUYS ON IT.

  9. If my hair is brown at the top but blond at the bottom would I have to make it brown again before I came on te trip? Is thy considered unnatural? SYDNEY, IF YOU DYED IT TO MAKE IT THAT WAY, THEN IT WOULD BE CONSIDERED UNNATURAL.

  10. hey i was just wondering if there was any open spots left and if so how many it sounds amazing. FAITH-THE EARLY BOOT CAMP MALAWI TEAM IS STILL OPEN. THE SUPER BOOT CAMP MALAWI TEAM (13019) IS CLOSED TO GIRLS.

  11. Hi! I’m going on this team, and I was just wondering how many people have signed up so far? Thanks!

  12. Oh I just read a comment that said it was full to girls. Thanks! -AnneMarie THE SUPER BOOT CAMP MALAWI TEAM IS FULL TO GIRLS, BUT THE EARLY BOOT CAMP MALAWI TEAM IS STILL OPEN.

  13. **I apologize if there are duplicates of this post. For some reason, my browser keeps locking up every time I click submit!**

    I’m going, and I am so excited! I registered fairly late and was prepared to be told that there were no spots available, but because God is amazing and works everything out so perfectly, I got in! What comforting confirmation that this is HIs will, not just mine! I absolutely can’t wait to see what He has in store for me on this mission trip!

    For anyone else on the team, feel free to add me on Facebook! My cover page is a picture of Malawi with the dates of our trip and our mission goal. I look forward to meeting all of you!

  14. I’m going!!! Yay!!! I Just joined the facebook group!

  15. What sorts of things will we be doing other than administering eyeglasses? Also anyone on the team can friend me on facebook:!/mrsthranduilion
    I tried to friend some of you but I didn’t because there were multiple people with the same names and I really didn’t want to friend a random stranger. So friend me if you’re going! I’m excited.

  16. Hey! To anyone who has signed up for the trip, add me on facebook.

    Then I can add you to our SBC Malawi team page:

  17. is there still room for guys on the super boot camp Malawi team?

  18. I just signed up for this trip! If you’re going too you can friend me on facebook. I’d love to talk 😀

  19. Is there still spaces for girls on this trip?

  20. Hi, I was wondering if there were still spots on this team, and how many there are left?

  21. My daughter and her friend would like to sign up this Mission Trip. Is there still room for them? If so, will we get all the information needed when we register?
    Thanks – Gina

  22. are there still spots left for girls on this team?

  23. if somebody signed up but afterwards they didnt want to go on the trip, what would they do? – by the way its not me

  24. what is the difference between “Malawi EBC” and “Malawi SBC”?

  25. ok thanks!

  26. since im not considered an ftm for teens i wont have to do ftm classes will i? or are the classes the same as the ones i did when i was a preteen

    • Sydney, Since you are not a teen former team member, you will attend first-year classes as they are different than Preteens.

  27. Are there any teams that are full or very close to being full?

  28. When is the deadline to sign up for the trip? My parents have not decided whether or not I can go yet.

    • Kira, Teams are filled on a first come/first serve basis. The sooner you sign up, the better chance you have of getting your first choice.

  29. Thanks a ton!! I am super excited!

  30. If I sign up now, should I be able to join this team, and do I have to fill out 4 options?

  31. ok thanks 🙂

  32. What are we going to be housing in? Dorms, tents?

  33. I went on a preteen trip last year and so i am an FTM. I was wondering if i have to do the FTM verses since we didnt do very many when i went and now there will be like forty so yea.

    • Sydney, If you were a Preteen and you are now on a teen team, you are not considered a former team member for a teen team so you will be on the first-year verses.

  34. So on this missions trip are we going and assisting missionaries that are already there and doing this?:)

  35. Yay! So happy that this they’re doing this trip this year!:)

  36. Where does this team debrief?

  37. i’m signed up for this team! I’m so excited!

  38. Me and my friend have signed up for this team. We are really excited.

  39. Me and my friend have signed up for this team.

  40. Serenity Ballard

    I just signed up on this team. I went on a team this summer and it was AMAZING (: I might create a facebook page for this team to get in contact. If you have any questions feel free to add me on Facebook *Serenity Ballard* and message me with questions! (:

  41. I’m interested in an evangelistic trip (sharing the gospel, playing music and doing dramas) and have never been on a TeenMissions trip. Will we be going out every day to share the gospel?

  42. Oh, never mind! I called and got the answer (:

  43. Kaitlyn, this trip is part of super boot camp, which means its from June 21-August 10.

  44. I have the same question as Tina (:

  45. Hi! My friend and I are thinking about doing this trip, but she wanted to know if we will be treating eye diseases and infections. Thanks!

  46. I really want to do this with a few friends. How long are we there?

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