New Zealand — 12009 (6/29/12)

Our first work day is today ( 6/29 ).  The team is excited to start working.  We will be dividing into three groups.  One group will be helping at the youth pastor’s house installing a door, cutting down a tree and building a playground.  The other will be assisting with a type of  “meals on wheels” and the third is helping a family move furniture and get their yard in order.Yesterday we were given a tour of the “red zone” where residents are no longer able to live. We stopped for authentic fish and chips and then to a public pool to swim and shower. We do not have access to showers at the church. We will mostly be bucket bathing as in Boot Camp. It will be interesting as the temperatures hover between 35 and 50.Emily Boucher—so far really fantastic experience.
Spenser Oliver—NZ is much better than expected
Daniel Shields—much more exciting than I thought it would be.  Glad I’m here.
Tucker Langehans—it’s been a blessing
Rachel Marcey—I could live in NZ.

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