Philippines / Hong Kong

Philippines Mission Trip

Spend your summer halfway around the world in the Philippines, a land of over 7,000 islands. Following your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Los Angeles. From there a connecting flight takes you across the Pacific Ocean and the International Date Line to Manila, Philippines. From Manila you will connect with a flight to Butuan City on the island of Mindanao. A 30-minute bus ride will take you to the Philippines Street Children’s Ministry. Every day you will minister to these kids who are hurting in many ways.

Philippines Mission Trip

You will share puppets and drama with the street children and may have the opportunity to take food to those who often only get one meal a day. After your time in Butuan, your Philippines mission trip is scheduled to continue at the Teen Missions in the Philippines Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center near Buena Vista. You will be a huge blessing to the staff and students as you help finish construction of additional dorms for the retreat center that helps provide operating funds for the school. You will have the chance to swim in the Bohol Sea, which you can see from the base. While at the base, you will be sleeping in dorms with showers. After your project time, you return to Hong Kong for an overnight hotel stay, and shopping in one of the world’s best Chinese night markets for those last-minute souvenirs.

TRAVEL UPDATED (10/31/2012)

COST UPDATED (12/7/2012)

Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. What’s the earliest date we can be dropped off and picked up? 10 AM ON JUNE 20.

  2. Where do I get my team number at. Philippines is 13018

  3. is there still room for the girls i really think i would like to do this one. & whats the dress code?? RIGHT NOW, IT IS FULL, BUT THAT CAN CHANGE WITH CANCELLATIONS. THE DRESS CODE WILL BE GIVEN OUT AFTER YOU REGISTER.

  4. Excuse me, but I was just wondering what the visiting times were during the day while we are at bootcamp? CALEB, ONLY PARENTS (AND ACCOMPANYING FAMILY MEMBERS) AND PASTORS MAY VISIT DURING BOOT CAMP. THEY MAY COME IN AFTER 5PM. THEY NEED TO ABIDE BY THE DRESS CODE.


  6. Do you still have male openings on this trip? DUNCAN, WE ONLY HAVE 1-2 SPOTS AS OF FRIDAY.

  7. Hi! I was wondering if there are any spots for girls left on this team? Thanks!

    • Noelle, We only have a couple of spots left. If you want on it, you need to register immediately. I have no idea what registrations came in over the holidays, so it could be closed.

  8. i know the Teen Missions in the Philippines Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center near Buena Vista has in dorms but what about before that in Butuan i think it is?…

  9. I’m Canadian as well, Teri. 😀 It would be great to to have you!

  10. I was just wondering if it is possible for Canadians to partake on this trip as well?

  11. Well I sighned up. See all you people this summer 😀

  12. What a coincidence sam I am about to sighn up as well 😀

  13. Great to have you on the team, Sam! 😀 If you send me a friend request on facebook (link to my profile above) I’ll add you to the group for this trip.

  14. I just signed up.Phillippines here i come.

  15. I Just told my parents about the typhoon and they both read the article and now are starting to really realize why i am needed there and they are talking about it and stuff so I think I might be getting pretty close to a yes!

  16. So in what ways has the travel and sheadule of this team changed because of the typhoon?

  17. how fast should i sign up

  18. how many boys and girls are you taking

  19. Is it okay if my paperwork and first $300 are not in quite on time? I was only able to start fundraising recently, and don’t have the prayer partners yet. Will that be a problem? I’ll get it in as soon as possible.

  20. Hi Beth,
    Just curious if I wanted to switch my registration from the Peru trip to a different trip, how would I go about that? Thanks!

  21. when is the boot camp

  22. does anybody know how many spots are left for guys??

  23. I live overseas at the moment so if my paperwork gets back to you kinda after a long while does it matter much? It takes a long time for mail to get back to the States…

  24. hi is Michael i went in Philiphines before

  25. I don’t understand this paper work it says it has to be notarized but it also needs to be sent in to day how does that work.

    • Elizabeth, Yes, BOTH Health Status Forms need to be notarized (make sure the back are signed also). You can do it as soon as possible and send them in. You take the forms to a notary (at a library, bank or business) and get them notarized.

  26. Okay, here is the facebook group! 😀 Please send me a friend request and message so I know who you are, and I shall add you to the group. 😀

  27. I have discovered that facebook will not let me create a group until I have people on my friend’s list to add to it. 😛 So, Jalesha and Courtney, if you could send me a friend request, that would be great! Here’s my profile:

    • Julia, Yes, you have to go to Boot Camp and complete the team by attending Debrief. That is the time where the team bonds and you are trained. You will go to your country after Boot Camp.

  28. Awesome, Courtney and Jalesha! 😀 I’ll start one tonight and post a link here.

  29. Count me in the facebook group! Great way to get to know each other before we go 🙂

  30. Rose, I would love to start a Facebook group. Ive done one every year ive gone and i just love getting to know my team members before I go! 😀

  31. Just got my confirmation email! 😀 I am very excited! I was wondering, is anyone interested in starting a facebook group so we can get to know each other? 😀

  32. I am a FTM but did a work team the last time. How long is the EV part of the project for this trip? Also, how many girl spots do you have left, or is it filled up? My parents are still thinking about it, but it is looking positive!

  33. Actually, there is no need to answer my last question. 😛 Sorry. We ended up being able to get the photo printed and sending with the form. It’s in the mail now! Hopefully it gets there in time!

  34. What is the date for the Commissioning Service for Super Boot camp? Thanks!

  35. Thank you Beth. I am SOOO anxious. I have a heart for kids and enjoy drama so this trip was an answer to prayers.

  36. Hi Beth
    I am Jaleshas mom and we have just registered and were making sure everything came through? Is there a conformation?
    Thanks 🙂 Jaylene

  37. I am registering right now. Is there a hard copy I should have also?

  38. Thank you! 😀

  39. Hi, I am going to be registering for this trip very soon. However, we don’t have a way to pay online and I can’t find the printable form. Can you give me a link? I’m hoping to send it today, as the trip is almost full (or is it full)?


    • Rose, Go ahead and register online and then you can call the office and pay with a credit card or checking information. If that won’t work, email me and I will email a registration form to you.

    • Rose, I got your email and will email you an application this afternoon.

  40. Are we aloud to bring steel toe boots.

  41. I will be registering tonight 🙂

  42. Hi Beth, this trip to the Philippiness and Hong Kong sounds awesome. I would like to know what age i have to be and if there is still room to go on the trip?

  43. Hey Beth! Is this still open? And what are the spaces left for it?


  44. Thank YOU.

  45. when do i get the info packet?

    • Elizabeth, It will go out next week and takes 5-7 business days. You should have received an email in the past two days with this information.

  46. I’ve all ready sighed up and payed registration fee when do i get my prayer cards, and list of do brings and don’t brings. Also do we get to pick out the type of card.

  47. Would someone be able to pick me up from the air port in Florida?

  48. Just registered!!!! 😀 😀 I’m so excited! Is there anything specific I should be doing to prepare myself? And what should I do next?

    • Erica, After we receive conformation of payment, we will get you registered tomorrow and your packet should go out tomorrow or the next day and will take 5-10 business days. You can go ahead and address the envelopes for sending out your prayer cards and letters.

  49. Hey Caleb… I’m thinking about going on this one, too. 😛
    We’re going to be the party team after all.

  50. Hi Mrs. Beth. I Prayed for a while about which trip I shoud go on and I remembered you saying something about this trip on the phone and im really starting to think about this one. I was just wondering how much room there is left because my parents still havnt gave me permission to sign up and i dont want it to get filled up like australia.


  51. Neilson, Christianne

    Hi! Are there showers available during the whole stay in the Philipines or only at the training center?

  52. Hey I really feel led to go here but when do the spots ussually get full for trips like these?

  53. It would be pretty hard to beat China! That was the most amazing trip ever! 😀 I really think I am supposed to go on this trip though. 🙂

  54. Oh my goodness!!! I assumed there were no China trips at first because it didn’t appear on the map on the home page. But this is where I truly have a passion to go, moreso than Australia. Are there any other determining factors as to which trip would be the best choice? Will the ways of serving be different?

  55. Beth! I’m really praying about this trip! I was wondering how full it is just to make sure I have plenty of time to keep praying! 🙂

  56. I don’t graduate high school until June 28 (I cant miss that) and this trip starts the 21st. Is it possible to come a little late?

    • Tina, The ONLY way to be late is for High School graduation and we will need a letter from the school stating the date and time. You will need to fly either that evening or early the next morning (depending on the time of the graduation).

  57. Elizabeth Weidknecht

    How long will there be openings.

    • Elizabeth, There will be openings as long as all the spots have not been filled. I have no way of knowing how fast a team will fill.

  58. will everybody going go through the airports together? are the spots filled? I am interested, but not sure if this trip is right for me. I love and believe in Him, but haven’t gone to church or read the bible in years. Am I still fit to go?

    • Jessica, We do not screen the kids and it sounds like this trip would be great for you, especially in helping your relationship with the Lord. Each team does travel as a team. There is still openings.

  59. Elizabeth Weidknecht

    Where is the mission termination site??

  60. Elizabeth Weidknecht

    Will it be cold or hot?

  61. How many days is the work project and how many days are the EV part?

  62. How long would we be spending in Butuan?

  63. Please consider coming to Baguio City and visit the 211 children of Lamut elementary students. We are closely working to Brgy. Lower Rock Quarry, the poorest and the most depressed village in Baguio City. You can stay here at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary during your mission trip.


  64. OK thanks! Cant wait! 😀

  65. Hi. The housing will be in dorms, but what about laundry? Will there be washing machines available or will we use our buckets??

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