South Sudan — 12005 (6/29/12)

The South Sudan team is now in Jinja, Uganda, which is about two hours by road west of the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

We flew out of Orlanda, Florida, on Tuesday morning to New York. The flight from New York to Paris was delayed by mechanical problems for three hours. The team team made the subsequent flights to Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda, but when we arrived at the final destination only one of our 33 duffel bags were there. We were met Teen Missions (TMI) missionaries, Justin and Shannon O’Hare.

We spent Wednesday night at a very nice hotel in Kampala. The team members were able to take showers, eat an excellent buffet breakfast and partially catch on sleep.

The first experiences in Africa have been very distinctive: a one-hour trip in the back of a covered transport truck through dark streets from the airport to the hotel in Kampala; a wait in a parking lot on Thursday afternoon where team members watched the bustling activities of the city (women carrying the banana-shaped vegetable plantain in baskets on their heads, motorcycle drivers carrying their passengers in the African version of taxis and the many traders selling clothes, fruits and other small articles to stopped cars at intersections.

The delayed duffel bags have started reaching the airport, but so far only 10 out of the missing 32. Late on Thursday afternoon the team traveled through a cold, steady rain to Jinja. The team members saw fields of tea plants and maize and the series of small towns with their rows of little shops bordering the road.

On Friday the team worked at the ‘TMI camp in Jinja. We are cleaning and organizing the construction site for a partially completed student dormitories We attended the morning chapel of the Ugandan Bible students here. One of the songs was the modern version of “Amazing Love.” The Ugandans sang more slowly than American groups do, but oh so sweetly!

On Saturday we hope to travel by bus north to the TMI base in Koboku. This is dependent on the arrival of the duffel bags


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  1. I have been working on and off in S. Sudan for the last three years. Also am an FTM of West Bank Hope School 94 and Nepal 96. I am so glad TMI is working in S. Sudan. Keep those kids safe. Godspeed

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