India — 12004 (6/30/12)

After one bus ride, four flights, and a six-hour Jeep ride, the India team (minus Jesse) finally made it to the Teen Missions base. The cool weather at Boot Camp failed to prepare the team for the extreme heat of India. We are able to use fans when the electricity is working. The team was welcomed at the base with a South Indian meal of curry, rice, and bread. The team members and leaders are tired after the long journey, but all are in good health. They’re looking forward to the many opportunities to evangelize and witness at schools and churches. Please continue to pray as we adjust to the different climate and time zone, and that our eyes would be opened to the opportunities that the Lord has for us here. We love you all! – The India Team

P.S. Jesse made it on the flight last night after waiting at the JFK Airport since Monday. He is thankful to the Larson family who graciously housed and fed him during some of that time.


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