Italy Mission Trip

This is your opportunity for a mountaintop experience to the fourth most visited country in the world, Italy, also known for its rich culture of arts and fine foods. After commissioning, your team will bus to the Miami International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Dusseldorf, Germany. A connecting flight crosses the Swiss and Italian Alps before arriving in Florence, Italy.

The team will spend time working alongside a local ministry, helping with various projects on the property—an excellent opportunity for learning some Italian. You will then take a train to the base of the Italian Alps and begin your hike along the Grande Traversata Delle Alpi, where there will be opportunities to evangelize in the mountain villages. You will be covering many miles of terrain with some steep inclines and high altitudes.

This team is not for the faint of heart! Housing will be in tents; showers and laundry facilities will be available in campgrounds. The team will take a one-day excursion to Rome where you will be able to see the Vatican, Colosseum, and the Catacombs, where the early Christian church gathered and many of the martyrs were buried. Take time to try some of Italy’s fine foods while you shop for souvenirs to take home. 

Note: Members of this team should be in good physical health and free of respiratory difficulties.


Project Expense: $4590 U.S.  plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)



  1. Hi, I’m interested in a few of your missions trips, and I have a few questions. 1. Is this particular trip (Italy) still open? 2. When is the registration deadline? Thank you for your time and God bless! =:-D YES, THERE IS STILL ROOM. THE DEADLINE IS THE DAY BEFORE BOOT CAMP. HOWEVER, IF YOU WAIT TILL THEN, THERE WILL BE VERY FEW CHOICES LEFT. THE SOONER YOU REGISTER, THE BETTER.

  2. Hi, I am very interested in the trip but wouldnt be able to even get half the amount for it. Is there anyway I can get help! I have always wanted to go to Italy and feel this may be my only opprtunity to go. Please let me know of all details YOU CAN RAISE YOUR SUPPORT BY SENDING OUT PRAYER CARDS AND LETTERS.

  3. Greetings, I was wondering when the Specific Team Facts Sheet will be sent. Thank you! THEY WILL BE MAILED IN APRIL.

  4. HEYY! I REALLY want to go on this
    but do we have to do 4 grand plus the plane ticket that it would cost or is flight inclueded? THE FLIGHT TO/FROM ITALY FROM FLORIDA IS INCLUDED.

  5. I’m signed up for this trip, but I’m not sure if I will be able to raise enough money in time. So if I need to switch to a cheaper team, how do I do that?? HANNAH, YOU CAN SWITCH NOW BY CALLING OUR OFFICE. HOWEVER, WE WILL CALL YOU BEFORE WE DO THE FINAL BOOKING OF THE AIRLINE TICKETS AND YOU CAN SWITCH AT THAT TIME ALSO.

  6. who do i need to call if my sister and i wont be able to make the trip? CALL OUR OFFICE (321-453-0350).

  7. Is there still room on the Italy trip? YES, ITALY IS STILL OPEN.

  8. Are there still spots available? YES, BOTH ITALY AND VANUATU ARE STILL OPEN.

  9. Can my brother (12) and I (14) go together? I know he is underage, however, he acts more like a 16 yr old and he is involed in boyscouts ALLISON, WHEN DOES HE TURN 13? IF HE WILL NOT TURN 13 BEFORE OR DURING THE PROGRAM, YOUR PARENTS WILL NEED TO WRITE A LETTER ASKING FOR AN EXCEPTION.

  10. Hey I am a freshman in college, but this missions trip is like RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! I was just wondering if I could still go since I am 19?? And If not is there any positions for leadership available? DAKOTA, YES, YOU CAN STILL GO AT 19! YOU WILL NEED TO GO AS A TEAM MEMBER UNLESS YOU TURN 20 BEFORE THE PROGRAM BEGINS. IF YOU WILL TURN 20, PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE AND ASK FOR LEADER PLACEMENT.


  12. Do you have to have a parent go with you NICK, NO YOU DON’T. IN FACT, VERY FEW WILL HAVE THEIR PARENTS GO AS A LEADER.



  15. My daughter sent an email with some questions how long does it normally take for a response? Also my other daughter is possibly wanting to go italy but isn’t sure is the only information for each place all online and do register from that? EMILY, PLEASE HAVE HER RESEND HER EMAIL. IT MAY BE BEEN LOST IN CYBERSPACE. SHE CAN SEND IT TO [email protected]. THE INFORMATION FOR ITALY IS ONLINE AND YOU CAN REGISTER ONLINE. IF YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO ME.

  16. Can you plese provide me with the prayer cards so that i can start raising money to help me with this trip… I REALLLLLYYYYYY want to go…. GILLIAN, ONCE YOU REGISTER, WE WILL SEND YOU PRAYER CARDS AND LETTERS TO HELP YOU RAISE YOUR SUPPORT, BUT YOU MUST REGISTER FIRST.

  17. Greetings,
    I am about to send in my blue envelope. There is a Online Agreement form that has checkboxes for enclosed money and a photo. However, I have already paid the fee and have submitted a photo. Must I do this again? Thank you!

  18. I registered for this trip, when will I know for sure if I am going on it?

  19. is this trip still open for girls?

  20. Is this trip still open for girls?

  21. my sister and I signed up for this trip but won’t be able to make it because we can’t raise enough money. how do we remove our selfs from the team?

  22. We’ve started a Facebook Page for the 2013 Italy trip.!/groups/530096990352488/

    Come join if you are going!

  23. Are there any spots left?

    • Kirsten, Yes, Italy is still open. Australia is closed. You will be in country from 3 1/2 – 5 weeks (depending on travel). We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. The best time to sign up is now to give you the maximum time to raise your support.

  24. Okay! I just received the the packet! Do I fill out the reregistration sheet and mail it to you guys!? Also should it be mail in the envelope that says, “I want to help with teen missions”..?

    • Hannah, What packet are you talking about? If you want to go on a team, yes, you fill out the registration form. You can also register online.

  25. When do we need to have our forms sent in by? Am I to late to send in my $30 admissions fee…?

    • Hannah, Have you registered and been assigned a team? If so, and you have received your packet, then we ask that the paperwork be in within 30 days. However, that is a “goal”, not a requirement.

  26. i was wondering if u HAVE to go to boot camp? and wat do you do there?

  27. okay. And besides the registration fee, what else do we have to pay for and what will be the overall cost?

  28. Okay. Besides the $30 regstration fee, what is the overall cost for this trip and what things do we have to pay for?

    • Kia, The cost is listed ($4590). That does not include your round-trip transportation to/from Florida, your passport, spending money, money for boots, immunizations, etc., departure tax (all this is listed on our web site).

  29. Is the team for Italy full already?

  30. Started a Facebook Page for the 2013 Italy trip.

    Come join if you are going.

  31. I have just now found out about Teen Missions and am very interested in going 2013 summer. Is there any way I can sign up and put half the money now and the rest later? Also, how do I know if I qualify or not?

    • Susanne, Go on our web site and register for a team. You do not have to pay the money up front. We need it all by the day you arrive at Boot Camp. However, we ask that you pay as it comes in.

  32. My cousin and I have been looking for a mission trip to Italy for a while so I think it’s a message from God that I found this website and found a trip I actually meet the age requirements for! i was wondering if registration still has two spots open?

  33. when are the boot camp dates for teens?

  34. When is the preteen program?

  35. I was wondering even though I will be 13 will my brother be able to go he will only by 11 but his b-day is in August

  36. My brother and I want to go, but he will only be 11 while his birtthday is in August he will be twelve and I will be 13 so I was wondering if he raised enough money if he could go with me?

  37. How old do you have to be to attend? Do all trips have the same age requirements?

    • Sarah, The age requirements are listed on our web site. Mustard Seeds is for 4-6 year olds; Peanuts 7-9 yrs. old; Preteen 10-13 yrs. old and teens are 13 and up.

  38. How fast is this filling up? I’m just wondering how long I can wait to sign up.

  39. Thanks for your reply, Beth. She’s also interested in the India team. Would that be a better fit than the Italy team for someone with food allergies?

  40. I went on a Teen Missions team when I was in high school and it was a wonderful experience (Switzerland ’86)! My oldest daughter has also been (Greece ’08) and loved it. We have another daughter interested in going on the Italy trip this year, but she has food allergies. Would she still be able to go? She carries an EpiPen, but there are certain things she can’t eat. How are food allergies handled at Boot Camp and in the field?

    • Kristin, We have had many kids successfully complete our program with food allergies. Please call our office with specifics. The Italy team may not be a good choice as it will be backpacking and what they can take is very limited.

  41. How do I sign up? How can we raise financial support?

    • Madeline, You can sign up online. Just follow the instructions. We provide prayer cards and letters for you to send out to help you raise your support.

  42. I’m interested in doing a mission trip for next summer, and I’m thinking about this one. When is the deadline to become apart of this trip/turn in your registration fee?

    • Madeline, The teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the sooner you sign up, the better your chances of getting your first choice.

  43. Hi, I’m considering becoming a missionary. If I apply to go to Italy, would I need to make the payment along with the application? Or can I pay it later or the day I arrive at boot camp? And if a sibling or friend applies, what are the chances we will be on the same team? Are the boot camp dates included in the mission dates (June 8 – July 31)? What would be the total amount (not including personal expenses)?


    • Anna, You would need to pay the $30 registration fee when you apply. The total amount is due the day you arrive at Boot Camp. If you register together and have the same choices, you will get on the same team. The dates are all-inclusive.

  44. my brother whent ther last summer he got me a knive

  45. Samantha and Kendal Jones

    How long after we signed up do we find out what team we really got put on? and my sister and I want to go together and how do we make sure we r put on the same team?

    • Samantha and Kendal, Make sure you sign up at the same time and make sure your choices are the same. We will not be processing registrations until next month.

  46. If we have sent in all our money but are injured just before the trip, can we hold over to the next year or do we have to raise it all again?

    • Megan, The monies can be held over for one year due to medical issues (with a note from the doctor) and minus an administrative fee ($100) and any airline penalties.

  47. catherine lucero

    Hi i just wanted to ask when all the money and information for this trip is due?

    • Catherine, We have “goal dates” from when you register. However, the total amount is due the day you arrive in Florida. We ask that you not hold the money, but send it in as we have to pay for things ahead of time.

  48. SO excited this looks like a good one!!!

  49. Thanks Beth,

    Take you well deserved break!

  50. Could you tell me the means and timeline on hearing back about which team my son will be on. We have already applied a few weeks ago. Thanks Beth.

    • Greg, I will not be back in the office until the end of August/beginning of Sept. We will send out the packets at the end of Sept. (we have to get everything printed, etc.). However, everyone at this point should get their first choice.

  51. I wanted to go on this and I was wondering if there is a chance that it would cost more money then it says so above..

  52. I have type one diabetes and non-severe asthma. Would I be able to go on this or any of your other trips? (I’m fifteen, responsible and my diabetes is rather well controlled.)

  53. how early would you have to sign up to be able to make one of the mission teams?

  54. Tanya

    You could look into leading a team I know that the cost is a little less for leaders and/or TMI has a Bible Ministry and Work school that might interest you. you can email TMI for more info about the BMW program

    Malawi Guitar 2012

  55. To whom ever this may concern,

    I would sincerely like to become a missionary and do missionary. I have been trying to become closer to my Lord Jesus Christ and my Father Jehovah and I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do to save people from sin and temptation. I want people that don’t know Jesus Christ to know him and come to Love him, I want to save people from eternal damnation. I am 20yrs old, I’m not quite a teenager anymore but I’m still young and have a lot to learn, I feel like this is my calling, to bring people to God so that they may be saved. Please, tell me what I can do, I don’t have the money to take this trip but I feel like money is liquid and that shouldn’t matter if I really want to serve God.

  56. Jason W. Chritz Jr

    I don’t have my own email- I am interested in taking a trip next summer.. could you please send me a brocure.. I will be 12 in September

  57. so could i get some help/info on how to apply to be a leader for the italy 2013 trip?

  58. micaella church

    i really want to go o this trip but i was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia and i was wondering if that would matter on the trip.

  59. My son is interested in this trip. He has been diagnosed with Asthma, but has not had to use his inhaler for quite awhile. 1 time in the past year. (this was a combination of playing high school soccer with a local fire adding smoke to the environment) He then returned back to the game. Does he still qualify to consider this trip?

  60. I would like to join this mission trip, and was wondering if you have fund raisers to pay for the trip?

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