Russia Sports — 12010 (6/30/12)

Hello from Russia-The Russia team is begining to settle into the swing of things here. With the exception of Amanda and Erin (our leader), who arrived on Friday morning, the

teams’ bodies appear to have adjusted to the time change and we are no longer feeling the effects of jet leg.  We are still having to get accustomed to the 20+ hours of daylight that is here.The Russia base was gracious enough to allow the US team to settle into the dorm rooms inside their main building.  The team is enjoying staying inside.  The team has enjoyed using the Russia Banya (Saunna) to bathe.  It is a wonderful and refeshing experience.Right now the Russian Boot Camp is in full swing.  The team is helping out where they can.  Every morning the team judges the O.C.  Micah is Mr. OC and Lilly is Miss Piggy.  The team is enjoying getting to know the Russia team members.  The team has also been helpful in teaching some of the morning bible classes.  Our leader, Ryan, does the teaching, and the team members put together skits to communicate the message.  The Russians have enjoyed this.  Everyone is working on expanding thier Russian vocabulary.  We are greatful to have Christian and Anton to translate for us when necessary.  Additionally, the Russian Boot Camp has been cooking all of our meals for us.  This has given the team the opportunity to explore many new food tastes.Today we had our first opportunity to do some sports evangelism.  The local youth soccer team played a scrimmage in the local soccer field. Although the team had not had any previous opportunities to practice our soccer skills together, everyone had fun.  The team prepared a gospel presentation for 1/2 time.  The team sang a song, did a basic skit and shared the gospel message.  It was well received.  By the conclusion of the game, many young men from the community had gathered to watch and hopefully play with us.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will open doors for us in the local community for sports opportunities.  Also, pray for the Russian Boot Camp.  There are many young people who are here and are excited about their relationship with Christ.  Pray that God will work in their lives and through the work that they do this summer.



  1. Im glad to hear my nefuew (Anton) is doing well and helping with communication, it can be difficult because the locals speak very Fast Russian, unlike here in the usa how we speak at home. God bless you all.

  2. Brenda and Larry Fast


  3. Would a team member have access to a money gram agent? Thanks for the updates!

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