Borneo — 12022 (7/1/12)

Seven days until we start our journey to Borneo! Our team has sailed through Boot Camp and now we are counting the days until we leave. This past week, we won the privilege of swimming in the pool three times (twice in one day!). On Thursday, we won Brainstorming and Godliness, and on Friday, we won the clean award when Miss Piggy checked our leader’s tents! The team works well together and all seem to get along really well! We have a few team members who have the goal of making it over the slough with dry feet just once during Boot Camp so pray that they will be able to do that. It is such an encouragement to a team member to sail over the slough and land on the other side completely dry. The rains of Tropical Storm Debby moved out quickly at the beginning of last week and brought plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures. It is good to get all of our things dry again.

We are so grateful for all of you at home who continue to pray for us and send letters and emails. Mail time is definitely the brightest part of everyone’s day.
Please pray for us as we prepare to pack and travel to our project site. We are all very anxious to get to work in Borneo. Pray for good health for the team and safety in our travels next Sunday. Our flight schedule has changed slightly so if you didn’t get an email from Teen Missions letting you know of the change, be sure to contact the office and they will email you our new itinerary.

Sawyer Stewart-Boot Camp is a terrible place…” is a song often sung at Boot Camp. Boot Camp is hot, sweaty and mosquito-filled, but it is also a place where God molds and changes the hearts of teenagers. The physical aspect of Boot Camp–it’s tough. The spiritual–it’s priceless. The hard conditions of the weather cause me to trust God with every piece of my life, where my identity in Christ is found. Boot Camp thrusts me into a firm relationship with my Savior.

Madison Bobb-Since Boot Camp, I have learned a few things. One lesson is that I cannot rely on my Mom and Dad to help me through everything, but to rely on God to get me through the hardships. My parents can’t get me through Boot Camp, only God can.

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