South Sudan — 12005 (7/1/12)

The South Sudan team remains at the TMI base camp in Jinja, Uganda. Today is Sunday, July 1,  and the team has been waiting since Wednesday night for their duffel bugs which did not arrive with us.

The team worked on Friday and Saturday at the building site on the base camp grounds. They cleared the area where the concrete floor will be laid for a conference center, then spread dirt to level the surface. The weather has been gorgeous: partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the seventies during the day and fifties at night and occasional light rain.

The team has been eating well. Examples of recent meals include omelets with toast, rice and stir fry vegetables, noodles with a beef sauce and oatmeal.

Eleven Ugandan BMW (Bible and Missionary Work) students live at the base camp. They attend three Bible classes in the morning, do physical work in the base camp during the afternoon and study in the evening. On weekends they carry out evangelistic and church activities.

The team attended the Acacia Community Church in Jinja today. Many cities abroad have churches with this form: the service is in English, the pastor is American or European, and the congregation is made up of foreign missionaries and Christian workers and some nationals. The sermon was on I Peter1:1-2. Team members were able to meet some Americans living full-time in Uganda.

The team is frustrated by the delay in its travel north to South Sudan. They want to start the building of the planned school as soon as possible. Also, the delay has also been difficult because most team members have only one change of clothes from their carry on bag and some team members have no change of clothes. They have been wearing the same things since Tuesday. In any case, the impression of Africa on team members has been strong. Rachel Luzader wrote:

“Africa is unlike any place I have ever been. In some ways it is so beautiful and happy, but in other ways, it is ugly and bitter. Riding through Uganda reminds me how rich I really am. It has helped me to be thankful for what I have at home.”

We learned last night that the last of the team’s duffel bags arrived at the airport. This opens the way for us to travel to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, tomorrow, pick up the bags and then take a commercial bus to the TMI base in Koboku which is near the South Sudan border.

Please pray for safe travels, good health for the team and opportunities to minister for the Lord.


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