Zimbabwe — 12003 (7/1/12)

Hello Everyone,

After four plus days of travel, we arrived at the Teen Mission Zimbabwe Base yesterday (Friday, a little after midnight). Tomorrow will be our first day of ministry, and everyone will be writing letters over the weekend. For now, however, here’s a shout-out from each member of our team.

Abby Monroe: The things I like most – the weather and the view. The things God has taught me – there is a serious side of friendship, and to appreciate my family in ways I never knew. I miss you mom and dad, Shay, Loren, and all my bestest friends.

Amanda Milley: Mom and dad, Nathan and Sarah, We have arrived here in Africa. It is so great here. I feel so in tune with God and I want you to know I have truly accepted Him into my life. I love and miss you guys.

Andrew Riegner: Hello Everybody! We are in Zimbabwe and it’s really pretty here. Can’t wait to start working!

Ashley Bartell: Hey mom, dad, and Andrea, We are here in Zimbabwe and having so much fun! We haven’t started our ministry yet. They gave us a day of rest after arrival. So we will be ready to share our ministry on Sunday. It’s so extremely beautiful here. I love you guys so much.

Barbara Potts: After nearly 5 days of travel, we finally got here !! It is amazing and so beautiful! I love you guys and miss you. See you soon.

Becky Gold: Well mom and dad, I made it, incredibly. I love it here so much, but I miss ya’ll and Josh like crazy. Main prayer request: tht we will be used for God’s glory out here.

Becky Trulock: Hey Family! We’re in Zimbabwe and everything is going well. It’s beautiful here and the team is doing awesome. xoxox I love you.

Beth Howell: Hey Everyone, After four days of long continuous travel, we are in Zimbabwe. I have to tell you, the torture of Boot Camp was worth it !! The place is breathtakingly beautiful!

Brad Henderson: Hey family. Just wanted to say Africa is awesome. There are many mountains … well, … hills. It’s cold, good food, and love everything about it. But we are in the middle of nowhere. Love you all. Have a great summer.

David Shang: Now that the training for our mission trip is over, I am ready and excited to begin serving, and being used by God. Our team has gotten to know each other quite well. We are actually quite strong and united (of course not without some struggles). Thank you all for your prayers and letters. Keep it up

Ellie Renee Gleason: Hey mom and dad, I miss you and everyone so much. It’s crazy! Hey, guess what? We made it to Zmbabwe. We are here and complete stoked. Tell everyone I love and miss them. It’s beautiful here. I’m seriously going to live here one day. I love you both so much.

Emily Brumbelow: Mom and dad, we made it to Zimbabwe. Everything is going great here. All the people and nature are so beautiful! I miss you both. I can’t wait to tell you all about Africa.

Henry Wadman: Hey Wadman Family! We’ve arrived in Zmbabwe and everything’s great! Keep everyone save, and I’ll see you after Debrief.

Jessie Castro: Mom, dad, nana, and grandpa, I’m in Zimbabwe and it is so beautiful here. The weather is amazing! We are having a day of rest, but will start doing work in a day. My favorite thing so far is learning to sing new praise songs. I love everyone here, and can’t wait to share more.

Jonathan Chadwick: Dear Church Family, I made it here at the base in Zimbabwe, and it is very beautiful. The altitude, weather, dryness, etc., is almost exactly like Colorado, so I’m pretty comfortable. Me and one of the girls get to go into town tomorrow to buy supplies with the female leader. So I’m pretty excited. See you soon.

Kalin Taylor: Hey Family! I made it to Africa! I am learning so much and am growing closer to God each day. I love you and miss you all!

Kyle Batchelor: Hello all web audience! Africa is swell! It’s fun and the scenery is amazing, like the Grand Canyon! I miss you guys, and I’m taking lots of pics.

Lynelle Thrush: Dear Family & Friends, we’re in Africa!! God has shown me just how beautiful his creation is, and it reminds me how powerful God is as I look around at my surroundings. I’m looking forward to what God is going to do in each of our lives, what he is going to teach us, and how he will use us.

Matthew Elliott: Dear Church Family, WE ARRIVED!! And I have learned that my mom really can cook (or maybe, I’m just hungry all the time). This country is so beautiful. The team is awesome and already feels like family. Thanks for all your prayers.

Robert Upton: Hey Mom and Dad. I’m doing great. Traveling went smoothly and here in Zimbabwe, we’re having a lot of fun. Hope you don’t miss me too much.

Sarah Morris: Hello Family. We got here without any problems. God has opened my eyes to so many things. This trip has already made an impact on my heart. I love you and miss you.

Serenity Ballard: Hey family! We made it safely. The Lord has opened my eyes. Can’t wait to tell you all about it. I love you.

Shannon Sampson: Hi family and friends. Traveling was rough, but being here makes it (and Boot Camp) so worth it. It is more gorgeous here than I ever imagined, especially sunrise. I can’t wait to share all that I am learning on my trip with you.

Tiffany Papp: Dear Support Family, hello from Zimbabwe! God has brought us all here safely, and we’re all ready to be used as servants of Christ. Thank you so much for praying fro me all this time. They are appreciated so much.

We will all write again soon. Keep us in your prayers.


  1. Amanda! We love hearing from you and about your experience with God. We pray for you everyday! We wish we could be with you. We remember the beautiful countryside in Zimbabwe, which was so much like various parts of Ethiopia. What a contrast to the cities! Sarah and Nathan miss you. And we miss you too!

  2. We parents were not expecting this update so soon, very grateful to God. We are trusting the Lord Jesus to meet all of the needs of the team. We think of the kids very often, really, anytime when we are not supper busy. Boy is this hard to send them off. Wow. Time to get busy with work. Bye Parents and friends.

  3. serenity ballard i love you and misss you so much. i am so glad you have the opertunity to go on this trip. i can not wait to hear all about it and see pictures i love u sis be safe and have a good time:)

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