Malawi Guitar in Mangochi – 12001

“Have not I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 For the past few days, we have been at the base in Chipoka. Our plan was to leave on Friday, but due to some mischief on the team and the more sensitive area that we are going to be ministering in, the leadership decided that a few more days of preparation was needed. The Lord really used those two days—the team got to minister to orphans at the Rescue Units located near the base; House of Joel ORU, and Melisa Foster Memorial ORU. They also got to go to the police station and do some evangelism. During the first presentation, Andrew Cramer was preaching and at the end 42 children came forward and received Jesus. Praise the Lord! They also got to teach some children a few things on the guitar. At the presentation at the police station, one of the prisoners was very touched by the message brought by Nathan Clyde and he asked for a Bible afterwards, which we gladly gave him.Every day the team has a new verse to memorize, 40 verses by the end of the summer. On Sundays we do memory verse reviews. Some of the boys were having trouble remembering the verses so Daniel and Anderson decided to use their musical abilities and came up with a few really neat songs and got their reviews finished!

We did make it to Mangochi after our extra days of preparation/E.V. in Chipoka. We are currently at the Heart of Faith ORU. Here in the village it is very different than at the base. We have no electricity and have to pump water by hand at the well. We are also in a mainly Muslim area, so the opportunities to share Christ with the people are numerous. For the next few days, Lord willing, we will stay in Mangochi at the Rescue unit, doing evangelism, playing with the orphans and teaching some guitar too. After that, we will travel to Dowa to the House of Peace ORU.

The weather in Mangochi is colder than in Chipoka, but it is beautiful here. Aside from a few colds here and there,the team is staying in good health.

It is amazing to see some of these kid’s heart for ministry and how some of them have changed just through sharing the love of God to people. Continue to pray for us as we reach out to the Yao tribe here in Mangochi.

Nathan Clyde-Boot Camp prepared me well for the field. Teen Missions is helping with issues I see in my own life, and they are growing me spiritually.

Daniel Peirsol-At Boot Camp in Florida I came to realize that I am a very defensive person, and that it does not take much for me to put my walls up. I also learned that I can have an attitude and a smart mouth towards authority. Since then, I’ve prayed for self control of the tongue. I read in James where it talks about the tongue and how it is like a bit to a horse and how it can move the whole animal. Lately I’ve held back when I feel the urge to defend myself when I am being confronted with some sort of problem. James 3:3



  1. Sitting in my comfortable temperature controlled house, reading about the good work these young people are doing in the name of the Lord is very humbling and inspiring. I pray for the team’s safety and success.

  2. I see God working through my son and I feel very humbled that God would work His miracles through my son and these other kids. God has been so giving and we have been so richly blessed. I sit in stunned silence and in awe of His greatness.

  3. That was an excellent/wonderful testimony. Prayong for HIS will there!

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