Haiti — Seven more days! 12017 (7/2/12)

 Seven more days! This was the chant at rally last night. We are over the hump! Praise the Lord! The kids are tired, but unified in their desire to persevere. They are grateful for dry tents and boots. Today we will be switching tent partners and spending some time catching up on memory verses and letters home. The team has been learning many new skills in block laying and carpentry. They are also working hard preparing a presentation of songs, puppets and drama to share with the children in Haiti. They won Brain Storming again last night, and will take a swim in the pool this afternoon. Yeah!! Thank you for your prayers and letters! Please keep them coming, mail call is very important to the team members!

Jessie Scott-The team is going swell. We all need to work on team work a little more, but we’re getting there. We swam in the pool today, I feel so clean! I miss you family. I love you and my small group and Molly Barr, of course. Can’t wait to see everyone. Love you all!

Kaiti Cragg-“Boot Camp is a terrible place, filled with spiders and snakes. I want to see my Mommy’s face, Boot Camp is a terrible place.” That is one of the old Boot Camp anthems. When you get here, it is pretty terrible, but you adjust and you realize all they do is for your own good. Sure, you miss your family and your friends, but you make new friends and you draw closer to God every day.




  1. So thankful for the updates!! Go Team Haiti!

  2. Terri Fleischman

    TMI Techies are wonderful. It’s terrific to see the kids and their rallies. So proud of Alyssa for being there.

  3. I’m so proud of you, Jessie Scott, and Team Haiti. Praying for your safety, the success of your mission, and that your spirits will be blessed, encouraged and refreshed as you serve God Most High in Haiti. I love you so much.

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