Ireland — 12006 (7/2/12)

It is no wonder Ireland is so green with all the rain!  If the precipitation falling from the sky cannot be considered an all out rainfall, the Irish call is mizzle, which is something between mist and a drizzle. We are trying the complete as many inside jobs as possible while the rain is heavy, but we are praying for some drier days as both of our projects use concrete. We are putting the stucco on a shed, and the first coating is complete. We are also constructing a gazebo. Right now, we are digging out the foundation for it and cutting the wood for it. Besides working, the team is having Bible studies, a time to read missionary biographies, personal devotions, guy/girl classes, and evening devotions. These team classes are helping us get to know each other even better and opening up good discussions with the team. The teens are also continuing to learn their Bible verses, and we challenge them to not just learn the words but to understand what it means.

On Friday night we held our team evening devotions at Dalkey Harbor. A couple of friendly seals came to greet us as we approached the waters. It was incredible to watch them playfully dip and splash in the deep blue waves. Saturday morning the team traveled to Bunratty Catle along with the staff from Ireland Outreach. It was a wonderful time of fellowship as well as a great opportunity to learn the history of Ireland. The team really enjoyed the day. Sunday morning the team attended Fairview Chapel.  The team was able to share God’s Word using their puppet skills learned at Boot Camp. They did an excellent job!

Rebekah Geier-Compared to Florida the weather is beautiful in Ireland. There are some rainy days then some dry ones. We are doing some cement work as well as some landscaping. Being about a five-minute walk from Dalkey, our team goes there a few times a week. The team is so very blessed to be here. I pray the best for all the other teams out there that everyone will come back changed!



  1. Paul & Jocelyn Geier

    We are so pleased with the amazing things God is doing in your lives. We were blessed to see that the most recent letter was written on the 9th and we got it today on the 12th! We are so glad God put this mission on your heart.

  2. Alex, your family in Utah loves you and misses you so much! We are ALWAYS thinking about you!!!
    I love you, dad

  3. Glad to hear the great update. I keep you all in my prayers.

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