New Zealand — 12009 (7/2/12)


Team New Zealand has been treated like royalty in this beautiful country. Our hosts are doing what they can to make us comfortable and feel welcomed. Friday night we attended a Sausage Sizzle with the church’s youth group and Sunday after church we were invited to a pot luck. Mr. McDowell introduced the Kiwis to good ole American Buffalo Hot Wings.Saturday, one group helped a family clean up their yard and stack fire wood. We have also been involved with cutting down trees, loading wood for various families in the area, and delivering meals to the less fortunate.The weather is cold but we are enjoying it. There has been one earthquake in the area but was not felt except by the team at the work site locations we were located at at the time.

This coming week promises to be very busy as we are in high demand.  In fact there is not enough of us to go around.

Brianna Blanchard: Since coming on this trip God has opened my eyes so much. He’s been teaching me so much and it’s things learned that I’ll hold with me for the rest of my life.

Sarah Gerlach: I’ve never been off the continent. I was in Canada once when I was three but other than that, I’ve never been out of the U.S., so this is awesome. This is an entirely new and fantastic experience for me. I’m spending my summer in the winter surrounded by people with fantastic accents in an English speaking first world country doing odd jobs for Jesus.



  1. Adrienne Marcy

    So glad to see them all smiling and working hard! Praying for them as their eyes are opened to what the Lord wants to teach them and how they can worship Him through their service. Hello to Rachel! We love you and are praying for you! We are visiting with Chris and Bam before continuing back home to Portland.

  2. Nancy and Don Rogers

    Erin, I love seeing your smiling face and know you are having a great learning experience.
    We are praying for you and the whole team.

  3. Pastor Cooley & First Lady Cooley

    Hi from the Coffee House, blessings on your team.

  4. Pastor Cooley & First Lady Cooley

    God Bless You Brianna.

  5. Pastor Cooley & First Lady Cooley

    We are so thankful that God is using you and the other youth in such a time as this. Our prayers are with you all.

  6. Karen Llewellyn

    I’m so glad they’re working hard and having a great time.

  7. So happy to hear a message from Brianna Blanchard! We pray she’s getting our letters, too. She’s loved and missed!

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