Russia — 12010 (7/2/12)

The Russia team had an amazing day yesterday!  We were a little dissappointed over the weekend when we found out that because of permit issues, our primary work project of building a fence here at the TMI base, was going to have to be put off for now. However, after visiting a local church on Sunday we were able to line up another work project helping them remodel their main santuary, so we were all excited so see how God provided for that need. With much excitment we returned to the Teen Missions Base and participated in the evening rally for their Boot Camp.  I was asked to preach that night, and I shared a message from Exodus 4:1-5 where God asks Moses the question “What’s that in your hand?”.  In turn, God was to use the shepard’s staff that Moses was holding in his hand to bring people to believe in Him and I challenged the Russian youth to ask themselves what did they have that could bring people to belief in God too!  The resulting altar call and response was amazing. We saw 15 come forward to recieve Christ and several of the team members had opportunities to pray with other’s after the rally to recieve Christ too!  We are seeing God use the various team members in so many different ways and just wanted to ask you all to continue to hold us up in prayer as the battle for lost souls is on and we are seeing the Lord of the Harvest do amazing things.



  1. So excited to hear how God is blessing! Thankful that you are able to send updates on a regular basis. Have fun with soccer and remodeling the church building!

  2. O Lord how great You are!

    Thanks for using your servants to help renovate local church. Bless each team member to be strong in spirit and use their hands to expend Your Kindom. That may many hopless in Siberia find Hope, Faith, Love in your Holy Sanctuary.

    Give encorage to thouse who may lost your first Love.

    May this progect will blessing to all in litle town in the middle of no where!!!

    Thanks Jesus!

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