Trinidad — 12031 (7/1/12)

Trinidad Missions TripHappy Canada Day! The team is doing good, they are learning to work together as a team. They are doing really good on the OC. (Obstacle Course).

Yesterday we got to take down the Mustard Seed Big Top. It was a lot of work, but they had fun and did it in one hour. Amazing!

The weather is to back being hot again, so we as leaders are encouraging them to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

They are learning so much in their classes and are encouraged during evening rallies. Thank you for your prayers, we are feeling the Lord working in your kids lives daily. Please continue to pray for unity for the team and God’s work to continue, Thank you. All the team members says “Six more days of Boot Camp! Hi, to their families.”

Darian Moore-I have made so many friends and I also never thought they be so nice. I learned to set cement blocks and construction. This place has brought me closer to God. So if your kids need God come here!!! I also want to say thank you to C3 my Church. If your reading this my mom always says you grow spiritually in the hardest of times. If your come you will never be the same. Thank you God!

Haley Ballard-This past week we have done many things. We have learned to build bricks lay concrete and swim! Just kidding we had to swim for the H2OC (water Obstacle Course.) It’s really exhausting (tiring)! We learn to work as a team and get to love one another for who we are. It is amazing to see God work in all of our lives while we are here. I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day and Independence Day! Xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Love you Alexis, you and your team are amazing! Lots of love and prayers. Thank you leaders for taking care of my girl. Tessa and Gracie sure miss you! Xoxoxo mama

  2. Trinidad Team!!
    I am inspired by all of you. Darian you amaze me daily. Thank you leaders for your teaching and your sacrifice. It’s truely a reminder we are to die to ourselves. Love u guys!

  3. In their first report they said there were 22 on the team, 14 girls and 8 guys, plus leaders and their families I assume. Thanks for the update, we never had a water (H20)OC sounds like fun and should keep you cooler! My Muskoka girl should have done great on that one, great swimmer that she is. Miss you Abby and pray for you each day. Your little sisters wrote you letters today to send to Trinidad…Love you! Mom

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