France — 12028 (7/3/12)

Hello From the France Fries,

Your children are fantastic and we’re very thankful for all of them. Thank you for your sacrifice in letting them serve this summer.

We’re begun our puppets, drama, music and phonics classes this last week. I think I would have to say that drama is their favorite! One of the staff, Peter, from Uganda, is their teacher. All the dramas communicate the message of sinful man and the need for a Savior to release them from their bondage

! They’re very good at them! They love to sing too and often we sing outside for music class together. We’re practicing praise and worship and also children’s songs so we can teach them some fun moment songs.

We learning that doing God’s will often times brings opposition and hardship and that it’s not always what we may want to do initially. We’re also learning that God’s will often exceeds our expectations or goals! We serve an amazing God!

Jasmine Griffin-The days at the Lord’s Boot Camp are quickly winding away. The days are so long, but very good. Through minor inconveniences and all sorts of major mishaps, the tam has really pulled together. The Lord is moving all throughout this camp, and He is seen working in each one of our lives. For me Psalm 15:14 is my daily prayer not only here, but far in France and every day of my life. For not only has He redeemed our lives but He is our constant strength. It is not us but Him that worketh in us. He is an ever present help in times of troubles.

Sierra Frankamp- I have learned a lot here at Boot Camp. We have a lot of classes throughout the day like drama, Puppets/choreography, Phonics, music and then Rally at night and a session in the morning. In drama we have learned many skits and they are fun. Tuesday we won Brainstorming. Where you get a topic and come up with an idea for it. We got to have the pool the next day during free time, it was amazing. ^ more days, I think i’m going to make it!

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